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Super Cropping Marijuana: Simple Secret to Bigger Yields

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There are innumerous ways to grow marijuana to help increase the yield., Low-stress training is safer and more convenient, high-stress activity is riskier. It has a higher potential of hurting the plants. But having the required skills and mastering the right techniques can help you get maximum yields for your crops. The Super cropping techniques by super cropping can offer you maximum yields without the risk of harming your plants. 

Super cropping is one of the most simple HST methods, and it is an old and widespread technique used by people all over the world. It is known for its simplicity and success rate. Performing it expertly by taking the aid of the guides from bloom shower will make you love your cola production. But if you mess it up by any chance, you must pray that duct tapes can heal them. 

The main process of super cropping involves placing stress on the plant by putting pressure on the branches to damage the tissues deliberately. This can help offer you more buds, bushier plants, and more potent weeds. The process may be challenging but is definitely worth the effort.

What Is The Purpose Of Super Cropping

To understand the reasons behind super cropping, it is essential that you first understand why cannabis plants produce resins. The plants produce resin to protect themselves from various predators. These resins contain multiple substances that include cannabinoids and THC. The buds and leaves of the cannabis plants have numerous minuscule glands, and each of them produces resins. The heat from the sunlight helps to soften and mobilize the substance to pour all over the buds and leaves. The plants use it to save themselves from pests, dehydration, and low temperature. Finding a way to increase the yield without hurting the plant physically can be a boon. The main reason to engage in super cropping is to boost the yields and enjoy a higher THC content in the end product. 

Super cropping a plant means bending half of the plant, which helps the top part grow horizontally. This helps to create a larger surface area, and it is one of the best techniques if you have a lower headcount of plants. Super cropping is one of the most useful techniques used for sativas as they grow very tall and tend to hit the grow lights. 

When Should You Start Super Cropping Your Cannabis Plants?

If you follow the guidelines given by bloom shower, then you can complete the process relatively quickly. But unlike the other HST methods, you require patience for its success. Using LST, FIM or top can help you start once the plant develops a couple of sets of leaves in the vegetative stage. This is not the case for super cropping. You need to wait till the fourth week of vegetative growth. It only works on plants that have to grow up to a minimum of 30cm. 

Once the plant’s transition into the blooming stage, they undergo certain hormonal changes, making the process less effective. Super cropping on time confuses the plant as their auxin distribution becomes manipulated, and the plants get confused on which is the main stem. 

Conclusively super cropping is truly a simple secret to higher yields as long as you follow a proper procedure. 

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