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What are Marijuana Strains?

Some strains have buds that are gloriously beautiful and will be preferred by many that grow their own for their ornamental value. The industry is filled with all types of slang words to describe different strains, and those that are new to using or purchasing exotic strains may not know exactly what makes a strain exotic is the recreational value created by hundreds of different varieties of weed now. Every strain that is woody looking will still be glossier and more trichomes, so it is easier to discern an exotic strain using this visual knowledge, Newbies that are just starting out on the journey of exotic strains of marijuana use the shiny crystal like appearance. 

Award-winning strains such as Zamnesia’s Royal Queen selection are sought after by many cannabis connoisseurs for their delicious taste and smooth high.

What is Exotic Marijuana? and Why are they considered Exotic?

Exotic Cannabis is a fairly subjective classification, but it is easy to eliminate which strains aren’t considered exotic. Exotic cannabis starts with genetics. Breeders and producers like exotic genetix, jungle boys, cookie farm, DNA genetics create a significant portion of the most popular cannabis strains proliferating in the market. 

Producers up and down the west coast and beyond pop seed packs from trending geneticists. The stability and quality of the strain genetics are what sets the best breeders as exotic apart from others, Farmers from all over take these genetics and replicate in all kinds of operations. Genetics from notable breeders like these stand out through all kinds of variables like being grown outdoors, indoor with different solid and grow medium and in radically different environments. 

It is not easy to find many of the most popular https://ilgm.com/collections/exotic-weed-seeds. The effects of initial reaction has been described as an almost immediate onset that smashes into your brain, leaving you completely out of it and really unable to focus at all. 

Because it’s known to make the mind race, the strain is not recommended for users prone to bouts of paranoia, memory loss may be suitable for experienced users seeking increased focus and energy. While the initial effects can be powerful. This is an excellent option for chronic pain and anxiety, as it’s known for promoting physical and mental relaxation and also sleep. 

This variety of cannabis is rich in myrcene, a terpene that works as a muscle-relaxant and anti-inflammatory agent. It also contains moderate amounts of caryophyllene, which may act as a natural digestive aid and pain reliever. 

A descendent of indigenous Afghami and Thai strains, northern lights has won more cannabis awards than any other strains and its widely available in dispensaries across North America. 

Final Words

It has a sweet and spicy aroma and the effects are long-lasting. Just be sure to reserve it for times when you are able to relax as its sedative effects are powerful. 

This sativa dominant hybrid was developed by cross-breeding three potent varieties of cannabis: Mexican Sativa, Thai Sativa and Afghani indica, these herbs are a pepper like flavour and produce a mighty cerebral high. 

The high THC content makes the strain a favorite for combating headaches, chronic pain and inflammation.

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