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Who Can Benefit Most From Video Wall Software

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Video wall software allows users to display content from various sources and source types in an unlimited number of configurations. For instance, whether you want to stream 150 HD IP streams simultaneously or visualize a combination of IP and baseband sources on the same display or video wall, it can be done easily with the right video wall processor and video wall control software. The impressive and attention-grabbing high-resolution content on video walls can woo audiences whether in a boardroom, classroom, auditorium or in a public space. So who can benefit most from video wall software? Here are our top contenders:

1.   Control Rooms in Malls, Corporate Buildings, and Other Facilities

Control room operators in shopping malls, office buildings, power plants, and just about anywhere, need optimum levels of situational awareness. Having videovor walls powered by video wall software allows operators in control rooms to monitor data and camera feeds efficiently to facilitate collaboration between operators, and also the management personnel, and other stakeholders in the organization. Such real-time data monitoring and interpretation enhance the ability of control room operators to inform the management about any crisis situation or potential threats, thus facilitating quick and informed decision-making. Control rooms at shopping malls, corporations, and other facilities should invest in video wall software that offers a centralized management platform and bridges IT, AV, and IP systems for ease of use and interoperability. This will reduce the risks associated with integration and time taken for deployment and ensure the successful distribution of visual information coming from any source.

2.   Corporate Collaboration Rooms

Today, the modern workforce has employees working from various locations – their office desk, their home office, or from the field for those that are on the move. With video walls powered by video wall software, employees and managers can efficiently access, share, create, modify, and review all kinds of data and video content. Compared to using mobile or desktop workspaces, collaborating on a large display is a lot easier and much more engaging. Video wall software for video walls installed in corporate offices also facilitates large-scale video conferencing with teams and employees located in different rooms, branches, or cities. Investing in video wall software that offers hassle-free integration of your video walls with smartphones, remote desktops, whiteboards, desktops, web browsers, tablets, and live sources is critical, as it allows for simultaneous participation of people at different locations, improving and facilitating collaboration.

3.   University Auditoriums and Campus Laboratories

Video wall software can benefit educational institutions quite a lot. Whether a university presentation for medical students calls for close-up images of organs to be displayed or a simulation laboratory needs to boost collaborative, hands-on, and interactive learning, video walls driven by video wall software can help. Instead of mundane learning and hours of monotonous lectures or note-taking, today’s students need more innovative and engaging ways to learn and study. Large video walls in colleges and university auditoriums and laboratories can captivate students with impressive high-quality visuals. With the right video wall software solution, video walls can even be interactive, encourage active learning, and create an extremely collaborative environment between students and between the students and their professors. Large displays are often used in visualization studios as well, supporting the latest and most innovative technologies, and allowing students and faculty to develop new techniques and ideas. Pocket Tv Apk

4.   Experience Centers

Video wall software can manage video walls that are frequently used as a sales tool in experience centers, giving potential customers the ability to try and touch the product, discover its features and ask many questions before making any decisions. Display manufacturers would typically have an experience center with huge video walls powered by video wall software to optimize the look of their screens and show off their resolution and pixel density. Another example is car manufacturers. Their experience centers would have cars on display, of course, but also large displays running videos of their cars on the road. They would use video wall software to showcase the ‘wow’ factor of their offerings to entice customers to purchase their products. 

VuWall’s TRx 3.1 Video Wall Software Platform

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