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What should you know if your car was damaged in an accident?

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Did you know that more than 34 million cars can be damaged in accidents every year? If you have one, quick thinking and complicated questions can save you a lot of effort and money.

Repair Shop – Due to the variety and complexity of today’s cars, the shop should have the equipment and expertise to repair your type of car. If your car needs to be towed, keep it there until you choose a repair shop. Don’t let the tow truck driver drive the car to a “good job friend”.

There are two reasons for maintaining this estimate: low repair costs.

The cost of repairs can be used to indicate the severity of the accident when filing the complaint. Ask what the insurance deductible is and beware of a store that offers an estimate to cover it. If they’re willing to break insurance fraud laws, they can also get ripped off for repairs. If you have more than one disability, request more than one assessment. Let’s say you pay for a transaction, not the insurance company, and you compare that rating to another.

Parts – Always ask if the classification applies to new or used parts. If new, are they original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts? Ask if they sell spare parts for scrap. The residual value of which must be deducted from the repair costs.

Borrowers – Many stores offer free or cheap Skrotpræmie to use during car repairs. Then ask if there is a mileage allowance. Most stores don’t mention it. And find out what the car looks like; In some places, the store is seedy and covered in advertisements. If you have rental car insurance, this can be very useful.

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