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Top 5 Car Detailing Secrets You Must Know

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Have you ever wondered how professional car detailers are able to make your car look so great, and keep it that way for long? Do you think they know any magic? No, they do not!

But they do know some amazing car detailing secrets that enable them to make your car look like a brand new one. You can also clean your car as they do, but only by tracking down their car detailing secrets.

You might be thinking where can you find these secret techniques. Right! Do not sweat yourself! Specialized car detailing services have demonstrated a list of car detailing secrets for you that only experts know.

Top Car Detailing Secrets Only Professionals Know

If you are on the lookout for the ways that professionals use to make your car look shiny, you are at the right place. We have come up with the most awaited car detailing secrets that only experts know. In this article, you will come to know these secret techniques that will make your car look shinier and fresher:

1. Two Directional Glass Drying

When you end up cleaning your car, and now you are going to dry it, you should dry it in a way that does not leave streaks on the window glass. What is the proper way to do it?

When we ask experts, they suggest a two-directional glass drying technique. In this technique, you should dry both sides of your car in two directions. Did not get it? Do not fret!

It means you should dry the exterior surface of the window glass in one direction and the interior surface in the other direction. In this way, there will be no streaks on the glass windows.

Car Detailing Services in Lahore are known for their streak-free window drying. You can let them clean your car and then dry it up.

2. Do Clean the Topmost Portion of the Window

Many people even car detailers neglect the very top of the glass window while washing all the other portions of the car. It not only leaves your cleaning incomplete but also can cause streaking on your glass windows.

Therefore, you should down your window one inch or two, spray it with a cleaning solution and rinse it with clean water. After cleaning, dry your car’s windows by using the two-directional glass drying technique.

3. Shampoo Your Car Every Fortnight

If you want to make your car look great for a longer time, you should shampoo it regularly. When you shampoo your car, it not only removes dust and dirt but also prevents the onset of rust.

Keeping your car clean and clear also upgrades its looks enhancing its resale value. It also protects the paint of your car making it look like new always.

Therefore, you should shampoo your car every fortnight. You can do it yourself or you can book Car Wash Services for an effective shampoo session.

One more thing! Many people think that shampooing your car can lead to peeling off the paint. But it is not the case always. It happens when an inexperienced person tries cleaning techniques that are not recommended by experts.

That is why do not think that regular shampooing can destroy your paint. Instead, schedule regular shampooing to make your car look great.

4. Use a Microfiber Towel for Drying

Sometimes, you pick up a small piece of cloth from your house and start drying your car. This cloth can leave scratches on your car making it look dull and outdated.

These scratches can also develop into bigger ones that can lead to peeling off your paint. And you can end up paying a lot of money on expensive repairs and replacements that can make a massive dent in your wallet.

The best item to use for drying your car is a microfiber towel. It does not leave scratches on your car. Instead, dries your car effectively leaving no watermarks on the car.

5. Rinse Your Sponge Regularly

If you are anxious that your sponge is leaving swirl marks on your car, it is not the sponge to blame but you. You should rinse your cleaning sponge regularly while cleaning. In this way, all the dirt and debris trapped in the sponge will be removed.

And every time you will use a clean sponge that will not leave swirl marks on your car. Your car will look like a brand new one.

Sometimes, you do not have enough time to wash your car on your own. You do not need to worry. You can find a skilled car detailer by searching “Car Detailing Services near me” in your search engine.

He has got years-long experience and training that makes him perfect for your car detailing job. So, do not mess with your expensive car and let a professional car detailer do it.

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