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Rockspace Extender Keeps Losing Internet Connection?

by M Asim

Rockspace WiFi range extenders are intended to provide fast internet connectivity to access to its users everywhere in their homes. Once users are done with Rockspace extender setup, they give positive reviews about the extender that they are receiving the existing network coverage range to access in those blind spots of their home where they haven’t expected the WiFi before. But, what if it keeps losing internet connection? But, being a networking device, it is prone to issues. It can stop working or lose internet connection anytime. Need not to worry! We have got you covered! In this article, we have highlighted all the major aspects of connections related to Rockspace WiFi extender no matter whether you are facing losing internet connection issues with your client devices or main router.

Why Rockspace Extender Keeps Losing Internet Connection?

The major reasons why your Rockspace extender keeps losing internet connection are as follows:

  • Inadequate power supply to the extender
  • Unstable connection between your router and Rockspace extender
  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Technical glitches
  • Bad placement of your Rockspace extender
  • Impartial Rockspace extender setup
  • Outdated firmware

These were the reasons causing Rockspace extender keeps losing internet connection issue. Now, have a quick nudge below and know how to overcome with the issue in a matter of minutes.

Ensure Stable Power Supply to Rockspace Extender

One of the major reasons behind Rockspace extender keeps losing internet connection is inadequate power. So, be very sure that your range extender is receiving stable power supply from its respective wall outlet.

Apart from this, ensure that you have connected your Rockspace extender to a working wall socket. On the other hand, if there are power fluctuations or sudden power outage issues in your area, install a USP instead.

Check Connection between Rockspace Extender and Your Host Router

If the connection between your Rockspace extender and router is not stable, then also it could lead to the issue in discussion. For fixing the issue and to make the most out of your WiFi extender, we suggest you ensure a stable connection between your Rockspace device and main router.

On the off chance, you have connected your devices (extender and router) using an Ethernet source, then the Ethernet cable must be in working condition. Also, you must ensure its physical condition. No damages or cuts should be there on it. If you find cuts or other damages on the cable, replace it right away. Apart from this, the Ethernet connection between your Rockspace extender and router ought to be finger-tight.

In the event, you don’t want to use an Ethernet source for connecting your devices, then you can opt for wireless source. For this, keep them in reach for each other and press the WPS button on your Rockspace extender and then on your host router.

Check the Internet connectivity

If your Rockspace extender is still losing internet connectivity, then it could be your ISP’s fault. So, ensure that you are receiving fastest internet speed from his end. This step will be fruitful in connecting your devices using a wireless (WPS) source. Apart from this, you can improve your internet speed by upgrading your internet plan.

Restart Your Rockspace Extender

In case you are still going mad because of the same issue, then you must try giving your range extender a fresh start. The reason is, technical glitches may also stop your range extender from providing you continuous internet connection. Hence, restarting can help! To restart your range extender, simply unplug it from its respective wall socket, wait for 5 minutes, and plug in back in again.

Relocate Your Rockspace Extender

The location of your Rockspace WiFi extender with respect to your main router matters a lot. Know that when your range extender is not placed in the range of your main router, it won’t be able to fetch uninterrupted WiFi signals. So, you must place them close. Also, you must avoid placing your devices (extender and router) near to corner, doors, window, under a table, behind a device, inside cabinet, and on a lower surface.

Reset Rockspace Extender

None of the fixes listed above bring you luck to overcome with the issue? If yes, then it could be due to improper or partial Rockspace extender setup. So, to rectify the issue, reset your Rockspace extender and set it up from scratch by navigating to its setup page using re.rockspace.local web address.

Update firmware

Last, but not least, updating Rockspace extender’s firmware is the best thing you can do to improve its performance up to 30 percent (upon updating its firmware every time) and get rid of major issues like Rockspace extender keeps losing internet connection. So, keep your extender’s firmware up-to-date or whenever you get notifications to update it.

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