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5 Simple Steps to Pay Your SBPDCL Bill Easily in 2024

by M Asim


Paying electricity bills on time is crucial to avoid any interruptions in service and to maintain a good standing with your provider. For those under the South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (SBPDCL), understanding the easiest ways to pay your SBPDCL bill can save you both time and stress. Let’s dive into the five simple steps to pay your SBPDCL bill easily in 2024, using online methods that are convenient and efficient.

Understanding SBPDCL

What is SBPDCL?

SBPDCL stands for South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited. It is a government-owned electricity distribution company serving the southern regions of Bihar. The company is responsible for ensuring the reliable distribution of electricity to millions of households and businesses.

Areas Served by SBPDCL

SBPDCL covers several districts in South Bihar, including Patna, Gaya, Bhagalpur, and many others. If you reside in any of these areas, chances are SBPDCL is your electricity provider.

Why Paying Your SBPDCL Bill Online is Beneficial

Convenience and Time-Saving

Paying your SBPDCL bill online saves you the hassle of standing in long queues at physical payment centers. With just a few clicks, you can pay electricity bills online from the comfort of your home or office.

Reduced Chances of Missing Deadlines

Online payments often come with the option to set up reminders or even automatic payments. This significantly reduces the chances of missing your bill payment deadlines.

Eco-Friendly Option

Opting for online bill payment reduces the need for paper bills and receipts, contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pay Your SBPDCL Bill Easily in 2024

Step 1: Gather Your Details

Before you start the payment process, ensure you have your SBPDCL bill and account details handy. This includes your customer ID, bill amount, and any other relevant information.

Step 2: Choose Your Payment Method

SBPDCL offers multiple payment methods, including net banking, credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and UPI. Choose the one that suits you best.

Step 3: Use BBPS Platform on Bajaj Finserv

BBPS, or Bharat Bill Payment System, is a one-stop solution for all your bill payment needs. Bajaj Finserv provides an easy-to-use platform for SBPDCL bill payment through BBPS.

Introduction to BBPS

BBPS is a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) initiative aimed at simplifying bill payments. It provides a secure and reliable method for paying various bills, including electricity.

Benefits of Using Bajaj Finserv for SBPDCL Bill Payment

Bajaj Finserv’s BBPS platform offers several benefits, such as multiple payment options, instant confirmation, and a user-friendly interface.

Step 4: Complete the Transaction

Follow these steps to complete your SBPDCL bill payment on Bajaj Finserv:

  1. Visit the Bajaj Finserv website or mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the BBPS section.
  3. Select ‘Electricity’ as the biller category.
  4. Choose SBPDCL from the list of service providers.
  5. Enter your customer ID and other required details.
  6. Select your preferred payment method.
  7. Confirm the payment.

Step 5: Save the Confirmation

After completing the transaction, ensure you save the payment receipt or confirmation email. This serves as proof of payment and can be useful in case of any discrepancies.

Common Payment Methods for SBPDCL Bills

Net Banking

Net banking is a convenient way to pay your SBPDCL bill directly from your bank account.

Credit/Debit Cards

Using your credit or debit card is another quick and secure method for bill payment.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe offer seamless bill payment options.


Unified Payments Interface (UPI) allows you to make instant payments using your smartphone.

Using BBPS Platform on Bajaj Finserv for SBPDCL Bill Payment

How to Access BBPS on Bajaj Finserv

You can access the BBPS platform on the Bajaj Finserv website or through their Bajaj Finserv app. Look for the ‘Bill Payments’ or ‘BBPS’ section.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pay via BBPS on Bajaj Finserv

  1. Open the Bajaj Finserv website or app.
  2. Go to the BBPS section.
  3. Select ‘Electricity’ and then choose SBPDCL.
  4. Enter your customer ID and bill amount.
  5. Choose your payment method.
  6. Confirm and complete the payment.

Tips to Avoid Late Payment Charges

Setting Reminders

Set up reminders on your phone or email to notify you when your bill is due.

Using Automatic Payment Options

Many banks and payment platforms offer automatic bill payment services. Utilize these to ensure timely payments.

Regularly Checking Your Bill Due Dates

Keep an eye on your bill due dates to avoid any last-minute rush or missed payments.

Security Tips for Online Payments

Ensuring a Secure Connection

Always ensure you are using a secure internet connection when making online payments. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks.

Using Trusted Payment Gateways

Use only trusted and reputable payment gateways to avoid fraud.

Avoiding Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are often not secure. Avoid using them for financial transactions.


Paying your SBPDCL bill online in 2024 is a straightforward process that saves time and offers numerous benefits. By following these five simple steps, you can ensure a hassle-free bill payment experience. From gathering your details to using the BBPS platform on Bajaj Finserv, each step is designed to make the process smooth and secure. So, say goodbye to the old ways of paying bills and embrace the convenience of online payments.

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