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Simple Tips to Fix Linksys Router Slow WiFi Connection Issue

by M Asim

The Linksys router slow WiFi connection problem has managed to trouble many users as it disables them from taking full advantage of the networking device and enjoying blazing fast WiFi on their client devices. Considering this article is being read by you. We are assuming that you are experiencing the same issue with your Linksys wireless router.

The good news is that you can eliminate it by going through the troubleshooting solutions mentioned further. For your information, the below-given points can be implemented regardless of the Linksys router model that you have set up at home. This means that no matter which model you are using. You will also find help to fix the issue you are facing.

[Fixed] Linksys Router Slow WiFi Connection Issue

Reboot the Linksys Router Device

Start the troubleshooting process by rebooting your Linksys wireless router. In order to walk through the process, you need to first find the power button on the device. Also press it to power it down, hold on for some time, and then, reverse the first two steps. Once done, check whether you are able to speed up the internet connection. On the off chance, you are not able to; it is recommended that you read the next solution.

You should know that just because one solution failed to work for you. It does not mean that the others will also force you to go through the same thing.

Check the Ethernet Connection

Another reason why you are a victim of the Linksys router slow WiFi connection issue. It is because the Ethernet cable in use has gotten worn out. This is quite normal to happen. To take care of the problem, you should get your hands on a new Ethernet cable. Make sure that you tightly plug the new Ethernet cable into the ports located on the router as well as the existing modem. Leaving the connection loose will only cause more issues.

Bring WiFi Devices a Bit Closer

Is there too much distance between the router and modem? Yes? And there, you have found the third reason why you cannot access a blazing-fast internet connection on your client device. To pull yourself out of the situation, you ought to bring the networking devices a bit closer to each other. However, at the same time, ensure that they are not being kept too close, or else their signals will find a path to clash.

Upgrade the Linksys Router Firmware

In case it has been way too long since you last upgraded the firmware of your Linksys WiFi router. Then now is the time you execute the process. If you are using a mesh router, then you need to access linksyssmartwifi.com. In the case of a regular Linksys router, you should access myrouter.local. To learn what to do after accessing the default web address? Read the instructions mentioned in the manual of your router.

Keep Electronic Devices Away

Cordless phones, microwave ovens, treadmills, mirrors, washing machines, refrigerators, fish tanks, televisions, baby monitors, aluminum studs, and Bluetooth speakers are some examples of devices, appliances, objects, and surfaces that are not good for the signals of your Linksys wireless router as they can interfere with them. To prevent this from happening any further, you need to change the location of your router right away.

Along with these things, do not keep the router in corners or near the concrete walls of your house as they too can mess with the signals emitted from it.


This concludes the troubleshooting guide discussing the tips through which you can boost the speed of the internet provided by the Linksys router set up in your house. Despite going through them, in case the speed of your networking device is the same. Then your last resort is to reset or restore it to the default factory settings.

Resetting the wireless router is not hard; however, still many users face issues while trying to execute the process. In case you too are not sure how the process can be gone about. Then you ought to locate the reset button on the router. Press it using an oil pin, and then, wait for some time. Once done, set up the device from scratch.

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