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Mosaic Tiles 101 – An All You Need to Know Guide

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If you’re looking to either get a better point of view as an interior designer or simply looking to find what’s best for your space in order to help enhance it, then it’s important to understand certain elements and products better. This helps you in providing you with a clearer outlook on what it is and how it will look and whether or not it is in fact fitting for your space.

In this article, we’re going to talk about one specific flooring or wall option, mosaic tiles. While they are mostly used for the floors, many tend to make use of them on walls and even maybe ceilings too in order to help create a focal point. So keep reading as we tell you everything you need to know when it comes to mosaic tiles.

The definition and history behind mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles is one that dates back into the history of interior design with a value of beauty that has continued to grow exceptionally over time. Mosaic tiles are made of different shapes, sizes, and colors that are bought together to create an individual and artistic outlook. They can even be made of different materials if need be.

These small pieces are bound together with the help of binding ceramic. One of the best parts about mosaic tiles is that they are not prone to being slipper which means that they’re an ideal choice for spaces such as the bathroom or kitchen. So, if you are in fact on the lookout for mosaic tiles Melbourne has some great options.

Going back into the Byzantine era you’ll find that mosaics were of peak use by the Romans. They were also a religion-related form of art amongst Christianity. It was Greece however, that made use of mosaic tiles as a decorative element, especially on walls and ceilings thus creating beautiful visions through artwork.

The different types of mosaic tiles

There are a number of different types of mosaic tiles that are made using different materials such as:

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Made up of glass materials, they are known to differ in both colors and styles. In today’s interior world you’ll find many luxurious window patterns made of mosaic art.

Mosaic Tiles
Image Source: Unsplash

Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Did you know that pebbles too were a choice of material in the ancient days when it came to mosaic tiles? Today you’ll find it widely used in spaces that are given a natural elemental touch.

Ceramic and Porcelain Mosaic Tiles

These two types of materials are the most commonly used ones, especially due to the fact that they are readily available in a great variety of colors which helps you gain a lovely artistic look with ease.

Metal Mosaic Tiles

Although rarely used in residential spaces, metal mosaic tiles are slightly common in industrial ones. They tend to have a more modern touch to them compared to the rest.

The purpose and use of mosaic tiles have increased greatly today yet the beauty and value have remained the same. 

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