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India’s coworking industry is growing

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Coworking Areas: The Benefits

1. Productivity Increases

2. Network & Collaboration Opportunities

3. Flexible Work Schedule

4. Private & Shared Office

5. To achieve work-life balance, build structure

6. Cost-Saving7. Creativity Boost

Every day at work, we are expected to be our most creative and productive selves

To get great results, it is important to maintain efficiency and productivity while working. Similar things happen in our workplace. Every day, we are expected to be the best and most creative version of ourselves in the office. This task is made more difficult by the monotonous environment and hectic work schedule.

There is a greater demand for innovative ways to maintain resources due to the rise of startups all over the globe. Coworking offices are one such solution. Numerous reports from reputable organizations have concluded that the coworking sector is poised to grow at a steady rate of 21.3% starting in 2021.

Coworking is a growing trend in India. India is third in the world in terms of startup ecosystem. These businesses require more office space. According to many sources, coworking spaces have seen 80% demand recovery. The Indian coworking market will explode with approximately 1000 coworking service providers and experts predicting that they will quadruple within the next three year.

Let’s see what makes India’s coworking sector so attractive.

Why is coworking so popular?

Globally, the demand for coworking spaces is growing every day. According to the reports, there will be approximately 41,975 coworking offices by 2024. The many benefits of coworking offices are a sustainable alternative to traditional office spaces, which is why there has been a huge increase in their numbers.

Startups are businesses that start from scratch. Entrepreneurs face limited resources and fear of failure every step. This is why it is crucial for both business owners and professionals to look for affordable and sustainable alternatives to every facility they use.

The facilities shouldn’t be too costly, but they should also be good quality. Coworking offices meet all of these requirements and are gaining popularity in both developed and developing countries. Flexible coworking offices have a global market worth approximately 26 billion dollars.

Startups in India are also acknowledging the value of coworking spaces. In the first four months alone, coworking has seen a 277% increase. This innovative approach to office spaces will only grow in importance as more startups are created every day in India.

In the past 4 to 5 years, coworking spaces have seen a huge increase in popularity. The coworking spaces are estimated to have a total of 1.5 million square feet in 2017. feet. The numbers reached 10 million square feet by 2020. feet. Imagine the leap in just 3 years.

What’s causing this shift?

All the data available points to a clear conclusion: there has been an influx of coworking spaces. This trend is expected to continue. It might be tempting to wonder what these benefits are that have prompted so many startups to move away from traditional offices to coworking spaces. These are just a few:

Coworking spaces are often cheaper than traditional offices. Coworking spaces offer many services and amenities that are shared with other professionals.

The coworking space offers employees a more positive environment than traditional offices. Consider this: Would you prefer to work in an office that has the same people and few facilities or one with a variety of professionals with many amenities?

India’s largest coworking space aggregator says that coworking spaces offer a wide range of opportunities for networking and the establishment of relevant connections. Many startups in India choose to open an office in a coworking space because they can interact with professionals from different fields and collaborate.

Current equity for coworking spaces is around 3%. Experts predict that this percentage will rise to 4.2% by 2023.


All the data and statistics mentioned above can be used to conclude that coworking spaces are experiencing an increase in demand. Experts and organizations predict that this demand will only increase.

The coworking industry is poised for a bright future. The history is a testimony to the fact that any innovative idea that promotes sustainable development has always been a success in the global marketplace. Coworking offices are a smart choice that will allow for the same changes in the way we work in our office. This industry has huge potential, especially for countries such as India.

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