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How To Choose The Best iPod Music Download Site

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I know there are many download sites on the internet. The challenge is to choose the one that best matches the criteria you choose for your specific usage requirements.

It also depends on your knowledge of the pagalworld song download process. Most iPod users have a simple case of using their computer’s iTunes interface to download songs from their download options or directly from their CD collection.

Few people who have “experienced” downloads know about “torrent” sites. I won’t go into detail about these sites here to let you know what they exist and what they offer.

A torrent site is a site that serves as a file-sharing portal for users who are currently online. They are commonly referred to as peer-to-peer (P2P) sites. If you know what you’re doing (most people don’t) that’s fine. First, it downloads a malicious virus to your computer and then you download it to your iPod, or secondly you get a very low quality “offline” file.

So what are your choices?

There are three options.

  • Use the payment page for each available download. Perhaps the site you are most familiar with is iTunes. It’s best there. There are other good download sites including Napster. You can expect to pay up to $99 per download. You can expect good selection, good quality and very good service. But that’s the cost. Considering that it only downloads two songs per day, it costs about $720. That’s what you pay for right away!
  • Use the dangerous method I said. This is literally where you spend your time looking for “free” torrent sites to download. We do not recommend using this card as it is the weakest and in the worst case you will have to buy a new iPod.
  • Use the appropriate options. This is a “half house solution”.

What are your options?

The first option is to sign up for the site with a monthly subscription. This website offers iTunes-like music downloads; the main difference being unlimited music downloads. It’s a good option for downloading a lot of music, but in practice it can be quite expensive. The average monthly price for this subscription is around $15, which means you won’t get much change from your annual subscription for more than $200.

The second option is to sign up for a lesser-known unlimited music download site with a lifetime membership for under $35.

To choose the best music download site for your iPod, we recommend using unlimited download sites as long as you meet a few criteria.


  • Diversity (choose music style)
  • Members area (interface is as easy to navigate as iTunes or Kazaa)
  • High download speed (minimum download speed should be 250-300 times faster than Kazaa)
  • Support (the best sites offer 24/7 support and often offer support tickets)
  • Price – Value (the most reputable won’t charge more than $37 for a lifetime membership)

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