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Back To School Preparation for Your Kids

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For many parts of the world, they have just recently opened their doors after the wave of pandemics that hit and affected everyone. In those parts, many schools are opening but the problem would be that the children are now very comfortable being at home that they are not used to waking up early and go to school. So how can we, as parents, prepare and help them to go back to school? Here are some things to consider to help them get back on track.

Study Room

You can start by propping up a study room for them. You can also make a makeshift chalkboard by painting a plank of wood with chalkboard paint so your kids can use it whenever they needed to write something. This will enhance their perception and attitude towards studying and even the classroom setting. By the time they go back to school, they will find the transition smooth and enjoyable because they already have been set by such a setting at home. Remember that education starts at home.

Routine Schedule

As a parent, you can also set the tone for their routine schedule. So, you can start this at the beginning of the day by asking them about the goals and tasks that they want to do throughout the day and then cross out these goals as they go along. It could be simple to major tasks, but the important thing is you can partially hold them accountable for the tasks that they decided to commit themselves to throughout the day. Never let the day pass where your children have no plans at all, if they don’t have any make some for them.

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Purchase Supplies

You can bring them along as you purchase, their school supplies and train them to be responsible for themselves have them make a checklist of all the items that they think they needed to have at school and they would be the ones who will choose the things to be bought so that they can also decide which one they want, this creates lesser tension for the child and creating more positive emotions associated with going back to school. By having these activities with your child as a parent you can also use this time to gauge the ability of your child in terms of being responsible for themselves.

Personal PPE

As we have been through a worldwide pandemic that still lurks at the corner for any unprotected person, it is safe to include their own personal protective equipment as preparation for their going back to school. You can include a pack of facemask for your children to carry along since they tend to lose these easily. An alcohol sprayer should also be brought with them so they can disinfect all surfaces they come across especially their desks and things.

Kids could have a tough time transitioning between staying at home and going to school, thus it is very important to make sure that they become ready and motivated to go back to school.

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