Finding Age-Appropriate Educational Toys for Your Children


Toys are not just for kids to entertain themselves with. Toys help with their physical and mental development. Look at your child when they are playing with their toys. You’d see their intense concentration while they try to figure out and attempt to shoot a ball into a hoop or to try and catch it mid-air. For their development, toys are their tools.

Finding age-appropriate educational toys for your children needs a lot of thought and it is recommended that you do proper research beforehand. Read on the below guide on how toys help kids and what engages them to help them teach social and emotional skills while also stimulating their brain.

Toys for newborns

Toys for newborns are all about them experiencing things. Since everything is new to them, toys that appeal and uses their five senses is advocated since exploration is key. Babies learn about their environment by touching, smelling and tasting things. Educational toys for newborns include mobiles. Colourful objects hanging and dancing above a baby’s head help enhance their vision and attention span.

Ring stack is also a toy designed for newborns and it is a toy that grows with them. This iconic toy that holds coloured rings of various sizes help babies learn to grasp. As they grow older and their fine motor skills developed, they would learn to stack up the rings.

It could also teach them later on about colours and numbers. For push-pull toys Australia has many stores that offer them at reasonable prices.They are suggested for large muscle development. The more babies learn about pushing and pulling, the more their muscles for running and climbing are developed.

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Toys for toddlers

Toddlers love to play with balls. They love that balls bounces and rolls. This might seem like an entertaining toy but they are also considered smart toys since they enhance gross motor abilities, hand–eye coordination, and dexterity. Sorting shapes toys are toddlers’ favourite since the colours and textures of the toys pique their curiosity.

The skills developed while a toddler try to stack cups or blocks or fit the different shaped blocks to its appropriate holes or solve puzzles include hand eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Pop up toys and toys with knobs, buttons and levers on the other hand, teaches toddlers about cause and effect and improve their fine motor skills.

Toys for pre-schoolers

Toys for pre-schoolers aim at developing not only their motor skills but also their creativity, self-esteem, problem solving skills, logical reasoning and spatial relationships. Arts and crafts inspire creativity and it also foster self-esteem among pre-schoolers especially when their artwork is being appreciated. Cutting and pasting also build coordination.

Playing with blocks and construction sets develop problem solving abilities such as trying to figure out how to keep a tower of blocks from tipping over while playing with jigsaw puzzles teach pre-schoolers on how things relate to one another.

When you go shopping for your children’s educational toys, you have to remember that these toys are merely tools for their development. It is crucial that you foster their development by teaching them and playing with them. Give them your attention as they need it to grow their self-esteem and to feel loved and secure.

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