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Your Ultimate Guide To Hosting A Virtual Career Fair In 9 Easy Steps

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When one hears the words “virtual career fair”, what comes to mind first? In simple terms, it is an online job fair conducted on a virtual trade fair platform that allows firms to host small scale as well as large scale to recruit employees. Such e-environments are rather advantageous in the sense that potential employees can connect remotely from any part of the world with their choice of organization.

This makes it feasible and convenient for many individuals who might not be able to attend physically held job fairs or companies that cannot host physical job fairs due to budget constraints or other concerns. Through virtual fair platforms, candidates can use the chat feature to connect with recruiters to gain insights about an organization elaborately in real-time.

Below are some steps that may be followed to host an immaculate Virtual Career Fair in 9 easy steps:

Go for the right virtual exhibition platform

A plethora of virtual exhibition platforms is available on the market in the present era. Simple and user-friendly platforms wherein attendees can utilize the chat feature to interact with recruiters at a point in time are suitable for organizations looking to host a basic and small-scale job fair, nothing too fancy. Whereas organizations looking to host an elaborate and decorated remote job fair to build their brand may go for virtual fair platforms that have more robust features like booths, resource centers, greeters, educational webcasts, and so on.

Build a budget

The investment and cost of a virtual career fair are dependent on several factors like the number of sessions or events to be hosted, features needed, and the reach of the event. The investment will be less than a fraction spent on a physical job fair, but some costs are inevitable. Establishing a set budget will provide clarity and one can judge the scope of specific needs.

Build an effective strategy

To host a well-thought and successful virtual job fair, building an effective strategy that gives an outline of the goals for the event is significant. The most important first step is to choose the perfect date for the event which has a high probability of offering a stunning turnout. This date should be set in a way that gives the firm at least three months to plan. Secondly, content creation on social media is a great way to promote the upcoming event and should be done on a schedule. Thirdly, the reach must be kept in mind and a fixed number of companies should participate. Lastly, to catch the attention of firms and sponsors, goals for expected attendance must be set.

Doll up-up the virtual booth

A virtual booth is an exclusive space within a larger virtual event platform that allows for conversation with attendees. It can be customized as per needs. Customized information can be presented to the attendees and the format of the display can also be altered. Various virtual trade fair platforms have pre-designed templates which are convenient for amateur designers.

Build connections and fix goals

It is important to take out time before the date of the virtual job fair to reach out to potential sponsors, event partners, and guest speakers to acquaint them with the demands and requirements of the event. A trial run of the event can be done to give each one a potential picture of how the event will look and function. A quick run-through is a good idea since people can get accustomed to the features of the virtual fair platform.

Stock up on staff

The ultimate goal of a virtual job fair is to enable candidates to land good recruiters and managers who can assist them in case of queries at all times during the ongoing event. It is crucial to have adequate staff ready to assist the candidates taking part in the virtual job fair since the technology can get confusing at times for everyone.

Build and execute a marketing tactic

The biggest challenge faced during any online event is getting the attendees to actually ATTEND. It does not matter how well-planned and fancy the event might be, there never is a guarantee of potential candidates. The key here is enforcing strategic marketing tactics to endorse the virtual job fair. The marketing needs to be done daily via emails, social media, public relations personnel, advertising, and partnerships. For career fairs specifically, the marketing should be done through diverse platforms to reach as many candidates as possible.

The launch

After months of planning, hard work, sleepless nights and last-minute changes, the day of launch is finally here! A successfully hosted virtual job fair gives the specific firm various advantages owing to the large scale of interactivity and marketing.


After any successfully carried out event, a follow-up with the attendees is a must! It is advisable to reach out to potential candidates who have not applied yet or might have related queries. To analyze the overall success of the event, candidates who might have moved up to the next level of hiring may be tracked.


We live in uncertain times owing to the never-ending looming threat of COVID-19. While offline interactions are definitely important, online events have established an upper hand with changing times. Virtual career fairs however have various perks considering they occur in a controlled space. All their actions and information can easily be measured. Another benefit of virtual career fairs is that it facilitates attracting candidates who are currently employed and looking for a job since it saves them the hassle of commuting.

It also is feasible for individuals who prefer privacy in such matters and may not want to be seen at physical virtual fairs. Online job fairs are indeed a great way to reach potential talented candidates from even the remotest parts of the world. If one wants to organize a virtual career fair, they must choose a reliable platform, like Dreamcast. The company offers a wide range of virtual solutions which will make your career fair a great success.

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