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Your Dog Ate A Popsicle Stick- Learn How To Save Its Life

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Life becomes happening like never before when you welcome a furry friend in it. To all dog lovers, we understand what goes on throughout the day in your life. While you think you are closely monitoring the most loyal creature, it does something weird in that one second of distraction. The most common problem is that dogs sniff and taste everything they find on their way. While few things are good to have, there is a long list of several forbidden foods. One such food is Popsicle. 

Well, Popsicles are not very harmful to your furry friend, but the stick is. Therefore, if you are in panic mode and screaming around saying, “my dog ate a popsicle stick,” then stop and keep reading to help your friend.

Is a Popsicle Stick Harmful to Your Dog?

We recommend you contact your veterinarian. You can consult the internet, ask your friends, or the best dog keepers in your neighborhood, but nobody will be as clinically right as your vet. Therefore, without wasting any time, contact your veterinarian and act accordingly. Generally, a Popsicle stick is not fatal for any dog. It can harm your dog depending on various factors like:

The body weight to size ratio of your dog. If you own a smaller breed of dog, the stick might irritate the digestive tract of the innocuous soul.

Did it chew it? If it did, then how much did it chew the stick? Dogs are extremely fond of chewing. Chewing was the primary motive of your dog when it took the stick. If your dog completely chews the stick, it won’t affect it. But, if it swallowed large pieces of the stick, it might get stuck in its throat, which could be fatal.

What should You do in Such a Crisis?

First of all, you should inform your veterinarian immediately. 

Closely monitor your dog and its behavior. If you witness it crippling in pain or jumping around, you should rush to the clinic as quickly as possible.

Closely monitor your dog’s feces. You can rest assured if you notice small wood or wood-like external matter traces. However, if you witness blood coming out of its excretory tract, you should immediately take it to the clinic.

If your dog is behaving strangely and you can sense it is in some discomfort, you should contact your vet.

Generally, it takes dogs 1-2 days to excrete what they have swallowed. Sometimes, it could take them several weeks.

What are the Symptoms to Look for?

The general symptoms that you should look for are:

  • Vomiting
  • Stools with blood
  • Abnormal behavior
  • Abnormal eating pattern


The most relieving part is that popsicles are not chemically harmful to your dog. If you think your dog often swallows unwanted things, you should train it properly. To assist you in training, Cat Judo is right at your service. They share lots of helpful information for your pets. Take better care of your furry friend with the tips and advice of this unique platform.

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