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Advantages of React Native for Mobile app development

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If you want to create a mobile app in an extremely efficient way, look no further than React Native. React Native is a Mobile app development framework used by mobile app developers to save time and build mobile apps faster.

Facebook developed React Native in 2015, first for iOS, and later for Android. This created a framework in which it was possible to create a mobile application on two platforms at the same time while maintaining the native look, fee,l, and productivity of an application built on a specific iOS or Android platform.

Let’s explore the benefits of React Native for mobile app development and why we use it at ClearTech Interactive.

What is React Native?

React Native is a programming framework developed by Facebook that allows developers to create fully native mobile apps for both iOS and Android using a universal programming language called JavaScript. According to Facebook’s React Native website, “React Native uses the same basic building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. You simply put these building blocks together using JavaScript.”

React Native came to help developers reuse code on the web and mobile devices. With React Native, app developers won’t have to build the same app for iOS and Android from scratch. Instead, they can reuse the same code in each operating system.

Advantages of React Native for mobile app development

There are several advantages of React Native for mobile app development.

1) Saves time and money

With React Native app development, businesses can have both apps at once for a little more than half the cost of building one version. Companies no longer have to choose which version to build and run first due to the cost of building two separate applications.

2) Great performance

Instead of primarily using the central processing unit (CPU), React Native apps take advantage of the graphics processing unit (GPU). This makes them much faster than cross-platform hybrid technologies.

3) Increased flexibility

This increases the flexibility of the team and makes it easier to update and upgrade the mobile application. It also creates flexibility for testers who can create test scenarios much more easily. These benefits also contribute to saving time and money.

4) Movable

They can export the app from React Native and move it to Android Studio or Xcode and continue from there. This is a huge advantage of using React Native for mobile app development and adds to its flexibility.

5) View changes immediately

React Native offers something called “live reloading” or “hot reloading,” which allows developers to instantly view changes they’ve made to code in another live preview window at the same time. This gives developers a big advantage with real-time feedback.

6) Faster publishing of updates for your applications

It used to take much longer to publish updates to your app, so developers had to go through the build process again with each app separately. With React Native, this process has been streamlined. Not only can both apps be updated at the same time, but the whole process is much easier and can be done much faster. When you create improvements and updates for your users, developers implement them through OTA (over the air) updates, which are implemented even while users are using the app. The next time the application is opened, the update is ready for the user.

7) Extension of the existing application

Do you have an existing application but want to expand it cost-effectively? We can embed React Native UI components into an existing application without rewriting the application. This can be beneficial when you just want to extend an existing application without having to completely rewrite it.

Why do we use React Native?

At ClearTech Interactive, we use React Native because it offers many benefits to our clients. It saves time both when creating a mobile application and when maintaining it. It saves money because our clients get two apps for a little more than it would cost to build one, and they cost less to maintain. It’s native so it works great on mobile devices and is portable in the future if needed.

tive Android or IOS code.

Is React Native right for your mobile app?

Interested in mobile app development in the most efficient way possible? React Native may be able to cut your mobile app development costs in half.

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