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What Does OP mean and how do we use it in sosial media?

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Assuming you’ve been on a message board, Reddit, or any social network recently, you could see individuals discussing somebody called “the OP.” If you don’t know what that identity is, read on. 

What Does OP mean?

The meaning of ” Op” is “original poster” or “original post.” While both of these terms are used on message boards and web gatherings. But they mean various things.

The original poster is the individual who begins a conversation string, gathering subject, or Reddit post. They frequently launch a discussion or pose an inquiry. Assuming they’re requesting counsel about a particular circumstance, they answer to the remarks or messages in that string. At the point when others allude to the individual who began the string, they type “Op” rather than their username.

The “original post” is the first noticeable when you open the string made by the original poster. This is the more uncommon use of the two. This is used when the post contains a ton of data, for example, “megathreads,” or guides that comprise various significant connections, updates, and pictures. If you want a more interesting meaning about OP mean then click this link and enjoy.


The initialism OP additionally has two different uses you could see on the web. In anime networks, OP can mean “opening,” meaning the initial credits toward the beginning of every episode.

Among gamers, OP means “overpowered.” This implies a person, thing, or something different in a game is seen as excessively strong.

At the point when composed in lowercase, “op” is the condensing for “opposition”. The plural structure, “ops,” can likewise imply “operations”.

OP History 

The OP can be traced back to the beginning of online message boards during the late 1990s and mid-’00s. The primary meaning of OP in the urban dictionary was created in 2003. It expresses what it means to be “original poster”. Nowadays, a distinctive term on various sites such as reddit uses a message-board design.

The OP was often used instead of the original poster’s username. Since most of the records on the message boards were mysterious, they contained black words, character names, numbers and pictures. In addition, these destinations had no labeling or warning framework, as message boards do now. There was a much quicker and more straightforward way the OP was pointing out, as the original poster pointed out.

At the beginning of message boards, the OP of a string may likewise use the web abbreviation “ITT”, meaning “in this string”, in the title of their post. It is now more unusual to see ITT in headlines, although the term is still being used on the web.


The abbreviation OP is commonly used on the largest web-based message board reddit. In Ask Me Anything or AMA strings, people are asked to ask the OPs inquiries. Except if the OP is a notable celebrity, analysts will often use the expression “OP” to indicate the person to be questioned.

Another use is the point at which a poster shares a story or personal experience. Whenever the story is talked about in the comments, people will often refer to that poster as the OP.

 Social Media 

OP is likewise a generic term on social media, especially Twitter. Whenever a tweet has a long series of replies from different people, it turns into a Twitter string. 

Strings are common on Twitter due to the platform’s 280-character limit. When people need to type up long stories or post stacks of photos, they split them up into different tweets. Assuming that someone accidentally finds a mixed tweet in a string, they will often search for the OP’s first tweet.

Use OP on Forums

Step by step instructions for using OP on forums

OP is a casual word that really has no place in proper messages. You should only use it on social media or online message apps.

The following are some of the ways you can use the OP:

  • “OP, please give us an update when you get the package.”
  • “The OP has a lot of data.”
  • “What’s your #1 game on PS4, OP?”
  • “OP’s story is interesting, TBH.”

OP is just one of many abbreviations you see on the web. To learn a little more, be sure to see what SMH and NSFW stand for.

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