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What Can You Get as A Housewarming Gift for A Friend?

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Moving into a new house is a big step. It’s the start of a new life and adventure. Whether your friend is moving into a new house with their family, moving to a new city or just doing something daring for themselves it is usually something to be celebrated.

So of course, it is vital to gift them something they can use whether it be for fun or help ease into their new life seamlessly. Here are some ideas that we think are ideal for whoever it is. Although you know the best here are some things that might give you a head start on where to look.

A call for celebration

There is no better way to kick off a housewarming party than with some liquid courage. Gift your friend their favourite a bottle of wine or their beverage of choice. Gather your friends, play some good music and it is sure to be a good time. This is a great idea for friends who like to entertain often or prefer having a glass of wine to unwind after a long day. This is a fun gift that can be enjoyed whenever they feel like it.

Do they like to cook?

It is true there is an endless number of recipes online that are easy to follow. However, a true foodie will appreciate the feeling of a cookbook open while they create their new dish. Depending on the cuisine they like gifting them a cookbook not only serves as a great gift but will add more to their collection.

And who knows they might even invite you over to enjoy their latest creations. Along with this kitchen equipment are also some other great ideas. Blenders, grinders or whatever they need to fill up their kitchen. These gifts are useful and long-lasting.


Everyone loves the feeling of sinking into soft, comfortable sheets at the end of the day. Bed sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers or bed spreads are some of the options you can choose from. They are not only necessary but will also come in handy until they are able to furnish their homes alone. It makes a great addition to the collection so why not?

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Something they appreciate

We all have our own interests and hobbies. If your friend is an art collector or loves a house of colour why not gift them a painting to hang on the wall. Colourful rugs and carpets, lamps or ornaments are some other smaller gifts which can even be taken while travelling. If your friend is moving away, you might even want to gift them something as a token from home. So, they have something to find comfort in while away.


Unlike the previous generation, not many are crockery hoarders like before so not many will appreciate tea sets. However, there are statement pieces that are better options. Whether it be a serving tray or platter with a cool design, those will always come in handy at some point.

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