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What are Things to keep in Mind if You Are Planning a Beach Wedding

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The joy of having your wedding ceremony on a beach is something else. The idea itself seems so exotic and alluring, but if you are planning to have the event in India, it might be slightly more complicated than what you had imagined.

The following checklist by an expert Wedding Dance Choreographer will help you keep in mind some important things that need to be planned well before the day of the event:

Things to keep in Mind if You Are Planning a Beach Wedding in India

Legal issues:

The legalities associated with tying the knot on a beach vary from region to region depending upon where exactly you would like to host your special day. Check with the local authorities about which beaches are approved for weddings and how exactly one can go about hosting a marriage at such sites.

The size of the wedding party:

Since the locations are mostly free-of-cost, it may seem like a splendid idea to have your entire extended family sit on chairs on either side of two partners exchanging rings. But they wouldn’t be able to fit in very easily; not only is the ground uneven but there might also be several other people trying their best not to fall into water (which is deceptively deep). If you do want all your loved ones there with you, make sure that they are accommodated somewhere nearby and can see everything clearly.

Wedding Couple Dance:

Indoors or Outdoors? Some people would do anything to dance with their soulmates, shunning even the light of day. But this might prove to be a challenge on an open beach as the sand is loose and dancing for too long can make it hard for your feet to remain steady on the ground.

It is advised that if you and your partner love wedding couple dance and believe that you would pull off a great show, then do so inside a hotel on one of its many polished floors. Moreover, you need to practice beforehand under the guidance of a Wedding Choreographer in Delhi.

Security considerations:

It’s great if everyone wants to go barefoot, but security precautions still need to be taken care of. You will want to keep your personal belongings and important documents in a safe place and take care of any potential thefts and other such nuisances.

Floral arrangements: The Indian coast provides an abundance of flowers, and there’s no dearth of colors either. But if your idea is to go with brightly colored bouquets and flowery outfits, make sure that they stand out against the and do not get lost in the pictures. Also, the flowers might need some extra support on the sand to stay upright.

The dress code:

While everyone is at liberty to wear whatever they want on the beach, it would be best if you could provide two separate color swatches of saris or salwar kameez for women that match your theme so that they don’t pick anything tacky. Men can opt for either traditional suits or shirts and pants. Some bridal outfits are designed specifically with an eye toward beach weddings so one may also find some examples online if they are looking for ideas. But you need to consider that the dress is suitable for your wedding couple’s dance.

Lighting arrangements:

You have several options when it comes to lighting up a joint wedding ceremony; there’s no dearth of torches and even lights that could be placed in the sand to create a mesmerizing effect. However, if your event falls during the day or early evening, it would be best to have sunlight as one of your lighting sources because although candles are beautifully romantic, they are not bright enough to capture every little element on camera.

Congregation measures: If you are hosting an evening wedding ceremony, remember that darkness reduces visibility significantly so make sure someone is assigned the task of telling people where exactly to sit at all times. You will also need someone who can help with crowd control and attend to other such requirements.


As far as decorations go, colored lights strung through trees/poles might work well for starters but do keep in mind that they will be visible only during the night. If you do end up hosting your wedding at dusk, make sure that everything is properly arranged and lit up before the event begins; it would be rather embarrassing if things didn’t fall into place as expected.


As far as food arrangements go, most caterers provide dishes that can be served without heating; usually, anything made with seafood and other cold cuts of meat is a good choice. Try not to serve anything too greasy or spicy because people might get irritated if their stomach starts acting up after gulping down something like kebabs. There are several companies that specialize in delicious desserts designed for beach weddings, so make sure you check them out if you are planning to serve something on the lighter side.:

There are a couple of things that one needs to keep in mind when planning a beach wedding because nothing can dampen the festivities quite like a fumbled-up arrangement. Follow these tips by Wedding Choreographer in Saket and you will have your guests raving about how well planned everything was!

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