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Do You Need Professional Help For Furnace Tune-Up? 

by Uneeb Khan

Several people ask the same questions, Is furnace tune-up necessary? While many homeowners refuse to do so, there are good reasons it should be done. The furnace manufacturers also recommend tuning your furnace and maintaining it annually. A certified technician should perform the task before the best experience. 

An experienced plumbing company can be handy in helping you with it. A furnace tune-up is an essential service offered by plumbing companies apart from fixing heating and air conditioning, water treatment, lining services, restoration, flood, etc. Let’s first understand why it is necessary, what’s included in the checklist, and how to find the right professional. 

Why is Furnace Tune-up Necessary? 

  • Like other mechanical devices and appliances, a furnace has several parts that wear away with time. Too much stress can result in the degradation of several parts. Tuning your furnace will involve a professional examining the inner workings of the appliance. It is like a routine check-up to ensure all components’ correct and safe functioning. Fixing the issue beforehand means fewer chances of the furnace breaking down during the cold season.
  • A furnace has to burn fuel to provide heat. A minor inconvenience in the combustion may lead to a dangerous gas leak or high levels of carbon monoxide. A certified technician will inspect the heating system and ensure it is safe for operation. 
  • Most furnace tune-ups include a new air filter and some basic cleaning. Cleaning the system will help in the removal of any dust and debris. The technician will perform an airflow test to determine how hard the fan moves to pass air through the entire home. 
  • Cleaning and maintaining the furnace means correct temperature output. It will help in running the appliance efficiently through all seasons. 

It is also essential to know that several manufacturers require homeowners to have regular maintenance. Failure to keep records and proof will impact the warranty offered. Therefore, a furnace tune-up becomes necessary from all aspects. 

What Is Included In A Furnace Tune-up Checklist? 

Before performing a tune-up, the technician will go through a checklist to assess the condition of the furnace. Here are a few services included, irrespective of an electric or gas tune-up.

  • Flue inspection to ensure exhaust gasses exit without any leaks.
  • Filter checking and cleaning to improve efficiency.
  • Starting the furnace to test the draft motor and burner fire. 
  • Cleaning and removing debris from interiors like burners, pilots, and motors.
  • Testing igniter to ensure it starts correctly.
  • Adjusting the burner to ensure efficient and peak performance.
  • Checking the pressure of the gas and air mix.
  • Checking electrical components like switches, wiring, thermostats, etc.
  • Cleaning the motor and examining airflow.
  • Looking for duct leaks.
  • Checking the heat exchanger as it may leak carbon monoxide.

After this, the technician will switch on the power and run the machine for regular operation. 

Final Thoughts 

A furnace tune-up every year is the key to ensuring proper and safe functioning. Besides choosing to perform a furnace tune-up, it is vital to select the exemplary plumbing service to do so. It is suggested to consider only licensed professionals. Evaluate and see if they can deliver proof of insurance. Ask how long they have been in the business and pick an experienced service provider.

Someone who has a specialization in furnace tune-ups can be an excellent choice. You can call for a self-check till the experts arrive. Check the thermostat, power, airflow, filters, etc., and evaluate the condition. Professional maintenance from time to time will ensure safe operation and improved efficiency. Look for top plumbing companies in your area and call the best. 

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