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What Are The Most Common Reasons To Knock Down, Rebuild Sydney Your Home?

by Uneeb Khan

What are the times when the demolition and knock down rebuild Sydney project is more beneficial than a remodel? Experts from the industry like New South Homes share their expertise to help you choose the best option for you to build that dream house.

A lot of people who have embarked on large renovation projects boast about how much simpler it would have been for them to tear down and rebuild. While there’s usually some element of truth to this however, it can be difficult to weigh the practical and financial benefits of building versus renovating.

There are many reasons to build instead of renovating:

If you’ve embarked on a project to renovate your home that will require a lot of effort, this article will aid you in choosing the most effective option – to remodel, or even replace?

However there are a lot of instances where renovation means the choices you must make are not just expensive financially, but can also reduce the value of your house in terms of design. 

VAT reclaim

Modifications to existing buildings typically are tax-free and new projects are tax-free to VAT(opens in a new tab) Therefore, it usually is financially beneficial to begin over.


From an “green” perspective, while the process of tearing down and rebuilding could consume more energy than keeping and reusing the current building material isn’t improved in a timely manner and sustainably, the energy costs of retaining it could surpass the short-term energy savings during a reconstruction.

The plot’s orientation and position

There is a possibility that your home isn’t able to fully utilize the area. Maybe the design of the present one makes the living areas dark, and bedrooms are situated too close to the road. The exact position of a new building will be determined by the plan; however, you’ll have more flexibility in creating an arrangement that is functional.

Everything is new

A lot of people feel more at ease with a building that has been newly constructed, being confident that it’s solid, where the utilities are running, and so on. Additionally, issues such as sloping staircases or narrow doors can be avoided and you don’t need to figure out ways to deal with parts of the building that aren’t able to be modified, like walls with load bearing capacity that cannot be moved or a non-practical drainage system.

What’s The Process When Building A New Home?

If the demolition and construction of a brand new house is in the plans Don’t approach the task in two parts. You should combine your requests for demolition and construction in one application, in both the planning and the building codes.

Once the old building has gone, there’s no requirement for the planners to give permission since there’s no replacement. Though in many cases, you’d be granted permission, you cannot be certain.

The council usually restricts the size of new homes to a certain percentage over the initial building. When you are negotiating an increase in size it is sometimes possible to go beyond the limits of the council’s size policy, due to the fact that the current property would have been larger should the owner have chosen to expand it using allowed developments rights.’

If you reside in a rural region where the local planning authority will likely require that an ecological consultant conduct an assessment of wildlife in the process of preparing the construction of a new house, according to an experienced home renovation expert Michael Holmes. If there is evidence of endangered species discovered (typically bats or barn owls as well as badgers, and great crested newts) A further report will be needed by a specialist before the work can begin.’

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