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 3 Steps To Chooing The Right Violin Strings

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When it comes buying violin strings, the options might be very bewildering. Different strings can have an impact on the quality and loudness of your playing, as well as the playability and responsiveness of your violin, in both subtle and significant ways. However, we’ll help you locate the strings that are suitable for you in three simple stages.

What type of player you are?

First, determine what type of player you are and what kind of sound you want. When considering which violin strings are the best, there’s no simple answer as each player is unique and each instrument is different. The kind of music you play is also a large factor. A bluegrass player may prefer the brightness of a steel string while a classical violinist may desire the warmer and richer sound of a synthetic string. Once you’ve determined what kind of sound you want, let’s move on to choosing the string.

Choose the type of strings you need.

Second, choose the type of strings you need. There are three main types of violin strings: gut strings, synthetic strings and steel strings. Gut strings, mostly used by professional players, produce a warm and complex sound. Yet, these strings can be difficult for less advanced players because they go out of tune frequently and are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Synthetic strings, most commonly made of nylon, continue to grow in popularity due to their stability and ability to stay in tune. Steel strings, perfect for beginners and popular with country and folk fiddlers, are very stable in pitch and have a simple, clear and direct sound. They tend to lack complexity and are good for smaller and beginner violins. 

Buy a set of guitar strings and have a try.

Now that you’ve decided what kind of sound you want and what kind of string will achieve it, purchase a set and try them out. Your individual string needs are unique, and some instruments respond better to some strings than to others. Choose a string that is optimal for the style of music you want to play and give it a try. Come to ALICE to have to look.

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