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Warning: These Mistakes Will Destroy Your custom white cardboard boxes

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We manufacture custom white cardboard boxes from quality cardboard materials. These boxes are resistant to moisture and water damage, and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. We generally use them for packaging and shipment purposes, and their main purpose is to keep your goods safe from dust, moisture, and other environmental influences that can damage your products. These boxes are light-weight, easy to assemble, and portable. They usually ship these boxes in pairs but can also use them singly as well. They come in a magnum of sizes and styles to suit various needs and preferences of the customers.

Apart from these basic uses. One can use them efficiently for retail displays as well. they give a serene and sober touch to the whole aura of the product that they come with. They can make a huge impact on potential customers. Just by the way the brand logo strikes out of them due to their no color.

Have you ever struggled with how to package your products so that they arrive in their best condition? Are the handles of your boxes uncomfortable for your customers to hold? Or are the lids difficult to open and close? If you have, then you’ll know what it’s like to be a customer.  

Many companies don’t take pride in their final product and end up shipping substandard goods. That’s why it’s important to create high-quality packaging that will last for years. But that can be tricky at times. There are so many factual that go into creating the perfect cardboard box for your products! In this article, we’ll explore some common mistakes made when creating custom white cardboard boxes and how to avoid them. 

Guessing Games With custom white cardboard boxes   

One of the most important things to do when designing a custom cardboard box is to make sure the game you’re using is fair. There are no rules or constraints when it comes to how the box should look and feel. It’s all down to your imagination! 

You simply cannot guess what your customers will like or dislike. No matter how much you imagine to be in their shoes, ultimately it is your own product that you are selling. So you dominantly have a soft corner towards it. So the truth of the matter is you have to be ardently speculative when you are coming your with a design for your custom white cardboard boxes.  

This is not a product where you can go and test a prototype and then start marketing. You have to be very affirmative about what you are doing. You have to be sure that you are on the right track and that you know where your product is going. And if you are doing this in UK. Where manufacturing might be one of the most efficient ways of going about things. Then you have to be sure that the manufacturing process is safe and reliable. You have to be sure that they manufacture the product in a way that is not going to cause any harm to consumers. 

Not Using Packaging Dos and Don’ts 

For your custom cardboard boxes, there are a few things you must keep in mind. First, you must make sure that the boxes you choose have the right size. The correct size of boxes is important because without the right size of boxes, you will have to buy a new box every time you want to carry your items.

Do not try to over complicate your packaging. No color boxes are meant to be simple and stylish. So try to keep them this way. If you go way lavish on the customization, you may end up completely marring the whole effect of your no color packaging. 

Getting Caught Up in the Too Good to be true / Price Tag ratio 

One of the most common mistakes made with luxury cardboard boxes with lids is to get baffled up in the extra good to be true / price tag ratio.  

Let’s say you’re designing a custom box and you decide to go with a luxury finish on the lid. You notice how expensive it is to have a custom lid made and that the cheapo finish on the box is going to cover your costs.  

You might be tempted to reduce the price of the box to justify the cost of the luxury lid but that would be a mistake. You’re actually loosing money in the long run because you won’t be able to sell the cheaper version anymore. 

You’ll have to carry on selling the expensive version but with a cheaper lid. There are a few don’ts when it comes to your custom white box. Don’t overthink it. Just design it how you want it. Don’t copy and paste your logo or company name across the top. Instead, try to make the logo or company name look different on each side of the box. Don’t reduce the price of the box just to save on costs. You should consider your profits during design and pricing. 

Thinking in absolutes about custom white cardboard boxes    

Keep in mind when you get to design your much needed cardboard storage boxes. Is to make sure the product inside is of excellent quality.  

You can achieve great results with simple techniques such as using double-sided tape to stick your logo or company name on the front and back of the box. The front and back of the box should be exactly the same colour and style so that it looks like one big piece of cardboard. This makes the box much easier to pack and unpacking. 

There are many situations where you have to make tough decisions as a designer but that doesn’t mean you have to make bad ones. One of the most common mistakes made with Cardboard Boxes is to add extra features such as a handle, a built-in tray, etc. That extra space inside the box can become an extra cost and hassles for your customers. It’s better to keep your boxes basic and keep the price low. Only use these custom features where they are completely unavoidable. 

Going for quality over price 

The price of cardboard storage boxes should be based on the quality of the product you are packaging. Sometimes, draw the full stop between creating a quality product and creating a cheap product. You have to find the right balance between quality and price. When it comes to a custom box, you’re trying to create a product that lasts for years and years.

We should make your box with quality materials to achieve this. You can achieve this by using premium paper, thick cardboard, etc. However, a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean that the box is of better quality. You should also make sure that your customers are getting a good deal. 

 Wrapping up: The final piece of the puzzle

Now that we’ve gone over the most common mistakes made with custom white cardboard boxes, let’s get to the good stuff. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a high-quality white cardboard box.

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