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Top Reason Why Men Shouldn’t Go Commando

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When it comes to going commando, males have a few grounds to support their decision, and it’s more frequent than you may believe. But, just like going commando has disadvantages for women, such as humiliating stains and terrible jock itch, males can also suffer greatly from having it all hang out. So, why then do men go commando, so why should you stay away from it?

These Are Reasons Why You Should Not Go to Commando


Chafing occurs when the skin rubs against itself or against abrasive clothing, causing rashes, redness, and even sufficient irritation to make walking difficult.

Chafing is more likely when men freeball and remove the barrier between the most delicate body area and rough textiles, especially with pants. However, jeans aren’t the only fabric that can cause chafing. When it comes to chafing, irrespective of gym attire, commando males may have the incorrect type of workout fatigue.

Choosing a natural fibre layer over your body and your garments, such as antibacterial hemp underpants, is the greatest bet for the safest option.

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It Isn’t the Most Hygienic Option

Men who go commando occasionally leak sometime after using the restroom, and there’s also the inevitable perspiration and a general hot and humid environment in their pants that’s ideal for fungal and bacterial growth.

Hygiene issues are a major concern for female commandos, but they ought not be disregarded by male commandos.

Because underwear absorbs sweat, it maintains your private parts dry, and also because you wash your underpants more frequently than your pants, there are fewer types of bacteria to fret about. However, skipping underwear might create the ideal environment in your trousers for jock itch, also known as tinea cruris. Jock itch is a condition that appears red and scratchy and can progress to painful blisters as a consequence of a fungal infection. It doesn’t appear to be a particularly pleasurable experience. Plus, if you don’t wear the best mens underwear you might feel uncomfortable all day.

Wet Spots and Sweat Stains Are Embarrassing

Men also have a much tougher difficulty covering sweat marks and moist spots that invariably occur in the groin area when they go commando.

Your underpants absorb sweat marks and moist spots that accumulate during the day, something no one wants to think about. Things might get uncomfortable quickly if you don’t have a protective barrier of undergarments and nothing between your jeans and the stains and blotches.

There’s no reason for making oneself more unpleasant by exposing your spots and stains with the world, whether you neglected the additional shake after using restroom, have an issue with after dribbling, or are locked in a hot room.

More Washing Work

Your jeans will grow a lot dirtier without underpants collecting all the sweat, dribble, and odours that you make throughout the day, so prepare to do more laundry.

No one like doing laundry, but when contrasted to women, it’s definitely safe to say that most men get even more use out of their jeans. And that’s perfectly fine. According to studies, jeans can indeed be worn for weeks to months before they need to be washed. However, this is only true if you’re wearing nice underpants.

Plus, unlike your favourite pair of jeans, slacks, or shorts, hemp underpants will only get smoother with each wash!

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