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Tips To Brand Video To Stay Top Of Mind and Boost Site Traffic

by M Asim

We all comprehend that video is in demand and getting extra famous over the days. K3video Production anticipated that video will account for 82% of all cellular site visitors by way of 2024, and we’re seeing that with the upward thrust of short-form video.

Consumers love seeing video content material from their favorite brands. Our group at K3video Production the best Chicago video production company is aware of this. That’s why we regularly seek recommendations on how businesses can create production films that extend internet site visitors and website time.

Mastering the artwork of video branding begins with strategy. This article will supply you with many strategic thoughts to set you up for success.

Let’s first explain the significance and fundamentals of video branding.

Benefits Of Brand Video Production Chicago For Your Brand

There’s no higher way to exhibit your brand’s spotlight reel than with video.

Unbounce mentioned that movies can enlarge touchdown web page conversions by 34%, in contrast to touchdown pages that lack video content.

Video is an effortless “in” for establishing confidence with your audience.

You can test many packing containers with your advertising and marketing desires when you have a stable video advertising strategy—whether it’s company awareness, traffic, engagement, or conversions. It’s additionally a nice approach for lowering your soar charge and retaining viewers on your website online for longer intervals of time.

The Importance Of Brand Video

With video marketing, a viewer’s interest is currency. You only have two seconds to hook a viewer (and even much less on social media). Getting a viewer to end scrolling skill that you’re doing something right.

Highly attractive movies share this element: refined advertising, marketing, and promotion. When customers sense that they’re not being “sold,” they’re more likely to watch a video to the end.

Videos that operate pleasantly are both enjoyable and educational. Including value, humor, or relatability is a recipe for virality.

While appropriate content continues viewers watching, memorable video branding leaves them with a lasting impression. Branded movies supply your content material with a special flair, substantially supporting you to stand out from your competition.

Video Branding Tips To Help You Increase Watch Time

A rule e-book of production recommendations is critical for growing on-brand video content that matches your company’s standards. That, alongside a combination of creativity and expertise in human psychology.

What form of messaging, graph elements, and visible imagery will appeal to your audience? You ought to have an appreciation of these matters to create an emotional connection with them via your videos.

If you have any video content material on your site, video participant branding will keep your content constant with your internet site and advertising and marketing materials.

Most company fashion courses supply innovative paths on:

  • Brand Colors
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Messaging
  • Fonts & Typography

You can, without problems, create a company fashion information with apps like K3 Video Production. With K3 Video Production, your brand’s shade palette, fonts, and branding factors are in one place. This will make it simpler for you to personalize your movies earlier than importing them to your video internet hosting platform.

The Elements Of An On-Brand Video

The production first-rate of your video content material will play a main position in a viewer’s grasp of your brand. To keep them from trying more, your movies have to possess the following qualities:

  • Authenticity
  • Good storytelling
  • Professional first-rate (lighting, sound effects, editing, etc.)
  • Attention to detail

Viewers understand the distinction between a well-put-together video and a production like spaghetti thrown on a wall. Of direction, you can combine mobile phone selfie videos and movies with much less production of high-quality and more “spontaneous” fashion videos. But having these expert-searching movies is genuinely something you desire to incorporate normally.

A Captivating Intro & Outro

The first and ultimate issue that viewers see when they click on a video? The intro and outro. Both are equally vital for boosting video views and engagement and getting viewers to take motion after watching.

Consider branding when growing your intros and outros as well.

You can make positive that they’re on the company by:

  • Adding a theme track with a song that matches your brand’s guidelines
  • Including a “brought to you by” message in the intro
  • Ending your movies with a clear call to action
  • Using the identical outro for every video

Tools like Invideo make growing videos, introductions, and introductions easy..even if you are a video-modifying newbie.


While this makes a refined impact, company consistency with your production’s important points can distinguish between a newbie and a professional-quality video. It’s as easy as selecting backgrounds, props, settings, and even dresser colors that are cohesive with your company guidelines.

Are your movies in white-board format? You can even make positive that these are on-brand by sticking to certain animation styles.

And then, using which includes the factors mentioned below for the video participant and how the video appears on your net page, it will surely carry out and create that company consistency with your video content, making sure that your movies don’t have that “all-over-the-place” seem to be and feel.


Thumbnails are pics exhibited on a video earlier than the view presses play. Thumbnails must entice their selection to click on the play button and provide them with a literal photo of what the video is about. The measurement of a thumbnail needs to shape the dimension of the real video, which is usually in a 16:9 ratio.

You can create thumbnails with the use of Adobe Photoshop or Canva. K3 Video Production customers can add thumbnails for their movies to the platform.

Branded Links/Domain Masking

With the best commercial photographer Chicago as your video internet hosting platform, viewers don’t even recognize that we exist. Our clients have the alternative to company their video hyperlinks with their domains, using our platform’s domain-masking feature. This is a superb way to preserve your movies on-brand by using a web hosting service.

See how rapid and convenient it is to preserve your movies on-brand. Sign up for a free trial of K3video Production today.

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