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Tips and Tricks for Brewing Your Best West Coast IPA

by Uneeb Khan

Beer styles have changed over the previous several centuries for a variety of causes, including customer preferences, scientific advancements, ingredient supply (or finding), and even conflict. A type of consumer-driven Darwinism has worked in the craft beer sector over the past six to ten years as it has seen accelerated development. However, sincerity is damned; one type in particular—India Pale Ale, or IPA—has dominated the news.

Whatever style of IPA you’re enjoying, it’s no secret that the West Coast was where the hoppy revolution began. But, before the trends began, West Coast IPA dominated the era.

Making of the West Coast IPA

Brewing a beer, you love drinking is all it takes to make a great one. However, developing a beer that a beer judge will like drinking and adheres to the style guidelines is necessary to produce an award-winning beer. Here’s what you need to do while making West Coast IPA:

The Best Grain Bill to Use

Typically, American Two-Row serves as the basis malt for all beer styles. It is both affordable and of a good calibre. However, there are countless possibilities, so it is advisable to increase the selection.

Golden Promise is clear and crisp, although it can add too much malt flavour. On the other hand, American Pilsner is lighter, providing the beer with a lighter general hue. Nevertheless, it keeps the pleasant, crisp malt flavour.

How to Choose the Best Specialty Grains

They will contribute to good head development and foam retention with a tiny lingering sweetness and caramel or toffee flavour. The K.I.S.S. rule—keep it incredibly simple—is the greatest guide for selecting speciality malts.

Weyermann’s Floor Malted Bohemian Wheat Malt is a wonderful choice. It gives the beer a pleasant richness and enhances head and froth retention.

Utilise Crystal Malt to Add Complexity

For the West Coast IPA recipe, base malts and dextrin malt could be plenty, but if you’re looking for extra complexity, richness, and colour, think about using some crystal malt.

Use Crystal 45 for one to three per cent in your grain bill to give the malt character a little additional punch. However, try not to exert yourself too much!

Keep the temperature of the Mash Low

A greater number of complex sugars in the grain may get converted into simple sugars by maintaining the mash temp low—aim for approximately 150° F. Aim for an evident reduction of 80 to 83 per cent, which produces highly fermentable wort and, eventually, the dry malt character desired in West Coast IPA.

Regulate the Mash pH

The mash’s pH can be reduced to the desirable range of 5.2 to 5.6 by reducing the remaining alkalinity in the mash. In addition, a strong pH can remove undesirable tannins from the grains. Therefore, it is advantageous. For mash pH adjustments, gypsum, lactic acid, or acidulated malt might be utilised.

Multiple Hop additions are the Way to Go

Hops must get added during the brewing process to provide a complex hop flavour with the intense bitterness typical of a West Coast IPA. You should experiment with a continuous hopping routine in which hops get introduced roughly every 15 minutes.

The Finishing

Beer crystal clear and vibrant is lovely and frequently indicates that extra polyphenols have been eliminated. It’s crucial to avoid oxygen while moving finished beer since it might have adverse, stalling impacts on hop flavour.


It’s crucial to generate a particular bitterness in a West Coast IPA or West Coast Pale Ale that gets attained by early boil hop additions. The next step is to get an extremely dry, crisp overall file. Finishing strong with a nice hop aroma and taste comes third. If you want to buy Australian beer online, visit Prancing Pony Brewery, they have a wide range of beers available.

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