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Is the guest posting a black hat?

by Asim Khan


Guest posting As long as you’re not on sites that are clearly spammy, using stolen content, or otherwise using their own black hat techniques, you’ll probably be fine. In contrast, a black hat marketer will send out a mass email to everyone they can find that is even vaguely relevant.

Guest posting or guest blogging is simply writing content for publication on someone else’s site. By publishing a guest posting with high-quality content on websites within the same industry, SEO boosts their client’s sites’ search engine optimization results pages.

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But good SEO and after more than that. 

A skilled SEO will use guest posts to:

  • Boost Domain rating (DR) or (DA) Domain authority with do follow backlinks sites.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Build client reputation.
  • Provide a new perspective for sites that accept guest posts.
  • Build strong symbolic relationship with partners.

Google black hat SEO Crackdown?

Google search In the early 2000, results were field with spammy sites and low –quality content.  This was partly due to the prevalence of black hat SEO tactics.

Google realized that it needed to work to ensure that search engines optimization were not fooled by crafty, and sometimes shady, SEO. Thus, began the crackdown on black hat SEO tactics through updates in search algorithms.


Florida algorithm November 2003 update. The update attempted to shut down websites that were over-optimized and promote websites with premium content.

The exact changes made to google’s algorithm are never clearly communicated to the SEO community.

What is clear about Florida is that it heart many businesses around the world.


Panda targets thin content that doesn’t fit the site’s themes, plagiarized content, sites with a higher ad-to-ratio. Continuous search engine optimization updates in the past two decades since Florida illustrate Google’s commitment to preventing spam and improving the quality of its search results.

After Florida, there were numerous smaller algorithm changes. Continuous search engine optimization to prevent spam & improving the quality of its search results.  Panda ended up affecting some 11.8% of total queries according to google and helped put an end to a number of common Lack hat SEO tactics.


Penguin targeted black hat SEO guest posting strategies in particular. Penguin, Google has penalized endless sites for having unnatural links or engaging with one of the many third-party referral schemes.

Although Florida, penguin, and panda are perhaps the three most well-known updates, the updates keep rolling these days.

It’s clear Google has no patience for black hat SEO and in particular Black hat guest posters.

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Is Guest posting safe in SEO?

 indeed, you can comprehend where a couple of advertisers are coming from. When people get their backlinks from low-quality sites & use tactics that go against Google guidelines, they will get penalized once caught. But Google still rewards you for guest posting the right way.

Does Guest post help SEO?

Guest posting as long you’re careful & consider rate about creating high-value guest blogs for legitimate websites, guest blogging can be an excellent tool for building your domain authority and moving up in SEO ranking.

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