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The Wild Rover – Irish drinking song or English temperance song?

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When most people think of the Irish folk song Wild Rover, they immediately think of fun, laughter and most of all, drinking. However, this may not be the correct way to interpret the number. It may actually be a sobering song intended to warn of the dangers of alcohol.

Wild Rover is probably the most performed Irish song, but its exact origins are unknown. In fact, it might not even be Irish, but come from England or Scotland.

The song has been popular since the early 19th century,

 And although it declined in the first half of the 20th century, it made a strong comeback with a popular revival in the 1960s. At that time, folk clubs and Irish music centers appeared all over the English-speaking world, and soon every singer added it to their repertoire.

Wild Rover is the story of a broke young man who drinks his life away and spends all his money on whiskey and beer. To entertain himself, he goes to a brewery and asks for credit. The hostess denied that she could have one every day.

But then he took a brilliant sovereign from his pocket, which caused “the eyes of the hostess to open with joy.” But in the last verse he says he will be renewed like the prodigal son of the Bible. Should we believe in Him?

For many, Wild Rover is a stereotypical Irish drinking song.

In this interpretation, Wild Rover’s promise to reform in the last stanza is not taken seriously. Although in others it is written as a moderate song of Scottish or English origin. The lyrics of the last verse certainly lend some credence, where the singer promises to give up a broken lifestyle. “I will go back to my parents and tell them what I did and ask them to forgive my fertile son.” “And if they take care of me like they used to, I’ll never play Wild Rover.”

Wild Rover’s lyrics are so generic that it could be considered a good drinking song or sober song. However, most people see it as a harmless and fun 강남풀싸롱 as part of a regular evening sing-along.

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