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lip filler

Are you concerned about wrinkles? You might have heard of Botox but do you know all the facts? Do you think it gives only positive results, or can it also cause side effects?

This is everything you should be aware of about Botox london This is the information you need to know about Botox lip filler.

What is Botox?

It is utilize to treat certain muscles and cosmetically reduce wrinkles through temporarily relaxing muscles of the face. Botox blocks chemical signals sent by nerves that causes muscles to contract. The injections affect the nervous system and block the nerve signaling that causes muscle contraction. This is how the drug causes muscle paralysis over a short time.

lip filler
lip filler

When nerve terminals communicate with muscles cells, they create an acetylcholine-like chemical which causes certain muscles to relax. Acetylcholine is responsible for binding receptors of muscle cells, which causes them to contract or contract.

Botox injections block acetylcholine release, and this can help stop muscles from contracting. The injections help the muscles to relax by doing this.

Botox lip filler Procedure:

Botulinum toxin injections won’t require much time and may appear to be an easy procedure. But it’s an art as well as a science that a certified medical professional should be able to perform. Botulinum injections typically require under 15 minutes.

The procedure is carried out with the assistance of a skill medical professional who injects this medication via injection. An expert of Plastic surgery is the one who knows most effective method. The injection is made into the muscles affect when treating eyes diseases, muscle stiffness/spasms and wrinkles. Injections are made in muscles of the neck and head to prevent migraines.

In order to treat excessive sweating, it’s in the surface of your skin (intradermally). The drug is inject in salivary glands to reduce excessive saliva and drooling. It is in the bladder in order to relieve an overactive bladder.

The features of your face and the amount of wrinkles will determine the number of injections you need. For crow’s foot for instance 2 to 3 injections are usually require. It can take as many as up to five or more furrows over your eyebrow.

Botox Result:

Botox can last for 3 to 6 months period of effect. As the muscle’s function improves through progressive changes, wrinkles and lines appear and require treatment. As muscles age as time passes, wrinkles and lines can appear less significant.

Botox Side-Effects:

Since the drug is injectable directly into your problem most of the negative side effects occur near the injection location. Near the injection site, there may be swelling, redness, infection and even pain.

If the medicine is used to relax muscles it can cause mild discomfort, dizziness, swallowing, infections, such as flu or colds nausea, discomfort headache, muscles that are weak. Double vision, bulging or drooping eyelids, eye pain dry eyes, crying reduced blinking, and an increased sensitivity to light are possible adverse effects.



  • Do not take aspirin or any other non-steroidal medication prior to the procedure.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for within 24 hours prior to the procedure.
  • Avoid applying hair removal creams and beware of bleaching, tweezing or even waxing around the region.
  • Avoid getting sunburned or tan.
  • Have a filling snack prior to the procedure.


  • It is essential to unwind throughout the day to ensure an even heart rate.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the treat.
  • Do not sleep in a position which puts pressure on the area treat.
  • Don’t take part in any physical activity for the next 12 hours following surgery.
  • Beware of alcohol consumption for at most a day following the procedure.
  • You can take a break from applying makeup for the duration of a day.
  • Do not lie down for four hours before surgery. ensure that you sit upright.
  • Don’t go outside in the sun for more than a couple of hours.

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