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The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving to Dubai

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If you’re in the process of making the big move to Dubai, it’s important to remember that it’s not just you who will be affected by the transition. In addition to packing up your life and taking everything you own with you, there are so many other things to consider before leaving your current home and moving somewhere new. Follow these tips on what to do before moving to Dubai so that your transition goes as smoothly as possible. Before moving to Dubai we would like to tell you the best Packers and Movers in Dubai for the best moving services in Dubai.

Check local laws and regulations

Before you pack up your life, have a good look at local laws, rules, etc. While Dubai does not have strict customs regulations like in countries with longer histories, there are still things you need to keep in mind. Things like: how much alcohol can I bring into UAE with me? What items do I need an import license for? How much money can I bring in cash? All of these questions will vary depending on where you’re coming from but before doing anything else be sure that you are aware of any guidelines or restrictions. It is also useful to contact your bank or credit card provider ahead of time as they may have their own guidelines that require adherence in order for your cards to work overseas. Professional movers and packers in Dubai.

Get health insurance

Expats can get health insurance through their employer, though that may not be an option if you’re moving abroad on your own. If that’s your situation, there are several companies that provide health coverage for international travelers, including Aetna, Cigna, and International SOS. Once you’ve signed up for a plan—and had a doctor or hospital approve it—be sure to bring documentation with you when you move. As always, check-in with your insurer to see if they have any recommendations or requirements about where you should live in Dubai.

Check your visa requirements

If you’re moving from overseas, you’ll probably have a visa to enter Dubai. This can be in your passport, or it can be an electronic visa (e-visa). If your visa doesn’t match your passport, though, you could be denied entry at immigration. So if you don’t know what type of visa is on your passport—or what kind it should be—check with your country’s embassy in Abu Dhabi or with The Immigration Centre. Your landlord may also be able to help. And even if you do have a valid visa, you’ll still need to check that it allows for residency in any residential areas you plan to live in. It’s not uncommon for people who move here without doing their homework to find themselves unable to move into their new home because they didn’t understand their visas properly.

Register with authorities

Local authorities have offices in every major neighborhood that deals with residency visas, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, health care cards, birth certificates, and more. Make sure you stop by one of these offices before moving to Dubai! Not only will you be able to register for most things online beforehand, but it also makes it much easier when you’re there in person. You can save yourself a lot of time by getting everything done at once—and your paperwork will all be in order when you arrive.

Get an international driving license

For ex-pats, one of the most important documents you’ll need is your international driving license (IDL). You won’t be able to drive in Dubai without it. If you already have a driver’s license from your home country, you don’t have to take another exam or learn new rules or laws; simply contact your local government-authorized agent and get an official translation of your existing license. Then send it, along with two passport photos, three photocopies (front/back), and an Emirates ID/passport copy or residence visa copy This will cost around US$30 and will take about six weeks to process. Once you receive your IDL, keep it somewhere safe as you can’t renew it once expired. Also note that if there are any differences between your old license and IDL (e.g., restrictions on blood alcohol content), those changes will apply in Dubai.

Packing tips for ex-pats relocating to UAE

It can be a time-consuming hassle. But, it’s also an opportunity to think through exactly what you want (and don’t want) in your new space. Start by using bubble wrap, not packing tape, and make sure you keep boxes flat—that makes them easier to stack during moving day. If you plan on moving with pets, consider buying them their own supplies or giving them their own boxes so they don’t destroy other items. Be sure to pack up any electronics with care; most gadgets will come through relocation just fine as long as they aren’t subjected to too much jostling or rough handling during transit. And when it comes to books, remember that hardcovers take up more room than paperbacks, so if you have many titles that are still in print, consider investing in some e-readers.

Guide on furniture rental in Dubai

If you’re looking for furniture rental in Dubai, then pack up your belongings, spend a couple of hours in line at immigration and customs, and then start scouring Craigslist. No wait, that’s not right. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite – you won’t be finding furniture rentals on Craigslist but instead, you should be looking at one of these two places: Homefinder and Manavi (the local franchisee of Ikea). Both websites list used/refurbished goods from individuals who are either moving out or simply cleaning house; as such, both sites feature all kinds of deals on bedroom sets (go for wood), and living room sets (mattresses included!), dining tables with chairs that actually match!

The best part is that most of them are pretty much brand new, still wrapped in plastic. The only problem? You need to pick them up yourself and lug them home. If you don’t have a car, fret not – there are plenty of companies offering delivery services. Just make sure they provide insurance coverage against damages or theft during transit. Another option is renting furniture through a company like Rent My Furniture which has an office near Media City and another in Dubai Marina where they rent everything from beds to couches to tables & chairs. They deliver & install too!

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