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Telepresence Robot – An Informative Guide

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In a world where technology is evolving to benefit many day-to-day responsibilities, it is our duty to stay up-to-date on them in order to not only know how they work and function, but rather the benefits you or your workspace can reap from it too. People now depend on such advanced technologies for the sake of increasing their day-to-day tasks as well as making environments be it work or personal ones more modern and convenient.

One of the key importance for any workspace is a telecommunication and with telepresence robots out there, it just made the tasks all the easier. Keep reading as we list down everything you need to know and learn when it comes to telepresence robots.

What exactly is a telepresence robot?

A telepresence robot is also known as a virtual presence robot by many and is something that allows a user to be present anywhere and anytime. Think about Skype, the video conferencing app, and now think about a wheeled skype. That is exactly what a telepresence robot is in one of the simplest forms.

The development of such a robotic technology comes in both stationary and wheel formats which allow for mobility. While the models of any telepresence robot can vary in size, features, and shape, the functionality almost always remains the same. Taking an overall look into it, a telepresence robot is made up of a camera, monitor screen, speaker, and microphone.

Telepresence Robot
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What are the types of telepresence robots?

The models and variations present when it comes to telepresence robots are in fact lengthy. However, the innovation hasn’t stopped there and continues to grow in time with enhanced features and technological aspects. Some of the most common types, however, include double telepresence robot, RP-Vita, and Ava 500. 

Where and what are telepresence robots used for?

There a numerous purposes of use when it comes to telepresence robots as they are also used in a range of different environments. Due to its ability to help monitor surroundings, the telepresence robot is used by factory inspectors, tour guides, and healthcare consultants. It is even used in educational environments, where instructors can move and interact the same as being physically present within a classroom. The wide range of use of this specific robot is growing over time due to its ease and convenience.

What are the benefits of telepresence robots?

While convenience is indeed on top of the very list, there are more benefits to telepresence robots than you may think. These robots help in increasing productivity while also allowing humans to work for an extensive periods of hours without feeling exhausted.

Due to the fact that it is in fact a robot, it is less likely to make mistakes and more likely to be reliable at all times. Its functionality may even help in benefiting the future by boosting manufacturing working in underdeveloped countries with ease. However, one thing worth keeping in mind is that telepresence robots require expert skills in being set up initially.

What are your thoughts on such technological development?

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