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Swimming: Benefits, Contraindications, When and How Much to Practice

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It is common knowledge that sports are very good for health. Among them, some stand out for being complete. This is the case with swimming. Anyone who knows nothing already knows how much the quality of life – and health – improves, after a while practicing this physical activity.

The benefits extend throughout the body and the feeling of well being after a class leaves no doubt: swimming has everything you need to keep in shape and take care of your body and mind with Lifeguard training near me.

Benefits of swimming

Toned muscles

It tones and strengthens the muscles and, what is better, without great risk of injury . That’s because water eliminates the impact, reducing the chances of joint or muscle problems and even helps in relieving problems such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, as it keeps the joints loose and more flexible.

Excellent for the heart

The pressure exerted by water activates blood circulation, increasing the heart’s ability to pump blood through the body, strengthening the heart muscles , eliminating fat around the heart, decreasing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and increasing levels of good cholesterol , HDL. .

Great for the lungs

Breathing is also another big benefit in swimming .

Physical over conditioning

Breathing exercises increase the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, improving physical conditioning.

Lose weight and prevent diabetes

Because it is a high intensity aerobic exercise , it can help a lot in the loss and control of body fat and also in the prevention of diabetes . Studies indicate that people who swim frequently have a 10% lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Total well-being

Finally, activity in the water promotes a real sense of well-being, helping to reduce stress . The concentration that the sport requires and the release of hormones , such as endorphins , promote true mental relaxation in practitioners.

Swimming contraindications

● However, during crises of diseases such as lung infections, rhinitis, sinusitis , pharyngitis, it is better to avoid water sports, including swimming.

When and how much to practice


There are some differences regarding the age at which you can start practicing swimming .
Some experts indicate onset between 9 months and 1 year .

Therefore, the recommendation of the NGO Crania Segura is that children should practice swimming from the age of four . In the case of classes without submersion (with your head out of the water) you can start a little earlier, but always with supervision.

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