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Seven benefits of swimming in your body… and in your mind

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We have always heard that swimming with lifeguard class is the most complete sport. And it is because it is an aerobic exercise in which two thirds of the body’s muscles are involved, enhancing strength, endurance and flexibility. The best thing is that it adapts to different levels of fitness. Ideal for those who are just starting out and a very complete exercise for regular athletes .Either in the pool or in open water .

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

Produces low impact on bones and joints

By immersing our body in water for sports, it “weighs less”, is governed by the principle of buoyancy and does not receive the impact of asphalt or hard surfaces that it faces . In other sports.

Burn fat

In optimal conditions and depending on the intensity at which it is practiced. Swimming can burn between 500 and 600 calories per hour.

Fight chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes or cholesterol

Being an aerobic exercise , of low intensity but carried out over longer periods of time. It helps lower blood cholesterol levels and produces greater sensitivity to insulin, lowering blood glucose levels.

Improved respiratory system and increased lung capacity

Learning to breathe is the first step to enjoy swimming. With each stroke and each breath you take, the respiratory system is favored .

Neural and cognitive benefits

When swimming we activate the two cerebral hemispheres and the four lobes of the brain. Which seems to lead to greater cognition, in addition, neuronal links and greater activation of the brain that receives more oxygen are produced.

Cardiorespiratory benefits

Swimming improves oxygen consumption by up to 10% and the heart can pump blood up to 18% more. This reverts to better circulation since it decreases the heart rate, while breathing exercises imply an increase in cardiorespiratory resistance.

Psychological benefits

By immersing ourselves in the water and concentrating on breathing. An immediate effect is produced: the body relaxes and the feeling of stress is reduced, and the symptoms of depression also improve .

As we already mentioned in the article on the euphoria of the runner . With the practice of sports endorphins are released that enhance a positive attitude, the feeling of well-being takes over the athlete and tensions are released.

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