Simple Ways To Wear A Shirt Dress – Outfits & Ideas

Shirt dresses are a staple in any woman’s closet. They’re perfect for all seasons and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. In this blog post, we give you some simple ways to wear a shirt dress that will keep you looking chic and stylish no matter what!

The Casual

When you want something that can be worn by it or with jeans, this is your option. It’s casual enough to wear around the house, but also works for casual dates too. This outfit has an easy relaxed feel about it that makes me think of summer days spent out on the water playing Frisbee with friends. Something like this would be great for a day at the beach or shopping or even running errands with some chunky jewelry and strappy wedges!  Head here for more pictures of how to style shirt dresses.

The Business Casual

Add some subtle touches of business-appropriate attire into this look to make it more of a work outfit. To me, this would be an “I have to look nice but also have all the things I need for my job” outfit. This outfit has a bit more going on than just a tee and jeans, as you can see- there’s a pencil skirt involved! For those who prefer pants over skirts, you could substitute in some slimming black slacks or dark wash skinny jeans instead.

The Business Professional 10 Simple Ways To Wear A Shirt Dress – Outfits & Ideas

You know how much we love our shirt dresses here at Fashion Foie Gras so when we came across this infographic for 10 simple ways to wear a shirt dress from Career Girl Daily, we were really excited! The two pieces hanging on the end aren’t necessarily a skirt and top, but we did find that it was an easy way to get the look if you don’t want to actually wear a dress.

Just add heels instead! Both of these outfits are great for work because they have a very polished look while still being simple enough not to be too distracting in meetings. It’s perfect for when you need something attractive, but won’t put your boss off by looking like you’re trying too hard. 4. The “I Have A Date” 10 Simple Ways To Wear A Shirt Dress – Outfits & Ideas

This outfit is just screaming date night- complete with red lipstick and high heels! Comfortable but classy all at the same time:A look like this is perfect for any girl, especially on days when you can’t decide if you want to dress up or stay casual. I love how the belt helps make the shirt dress seem more structured and less like just a regular tee.

 The “I Need A Night Out”

This outfit was made for ladies’ night out! There’s just something about high heels that screams a fun night out with friends- plus it gives you thrasherhooodies an excuse to get glammed up! So whether it’s for your favorite local karaoke bar, salsa dancing, or working in some body shots with your girls- this is the outfit to wear.

Conclusion paragraph:

Don’t let the modest dress fool you – there are plenty of ways to wear a shirtdress and we hope these 10 simple outfits inspire you! You can wear it with heels or flats, as part of an outfit for work or play, and even in different colors. Whether you love black and white stripes or want something more unique like leopard print, there is no wrong way to rock this timeless trend. So what do you think? Are you ready to try out one (or all!) of these looks?

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