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When you don’t have the money to pay for a whole staff of writers, it can be difficult to run a website or a blog. There are a lot of helpful SEO tools out on the market today that can provide you with an infinite number of content ideas; nevertheless, someone still needs to put those thoughts into paper. One of these products, known as ShortlyAI, helps to do this for you by using the power of AI; however, how effective is it?

I had a large backlog of content ideas that needed to be put down, so I made the decision to acquire a one-month subscription to this AI to see if it could assist me in working through the list. I had heard excellent things about this AI.

When I first began using ShortlyAI, one of the first things I did was write a few sample pieces, and I was extremely amazed by how beautifully the sentences were written. The sentences and paragraphs were constructed correctly, and a fair level of English was used; in no way did the writing sound like it was produced by a bot.

Fact-Checking Costs Time

Everything was going swimmingly, and I had written approximately ten articles in an hour’s time. Then, I ran into a major issue that caused me to completely lose faith in the instrument. After conducting some research into what was written, I discovered that a significant portion of what was being stated was not accurate. The artificial intelligence was writing out paragraphs of factual content, but the information it was producing was frequently erroneous or only slightly off, which rendered it entirely useless. If I were to post that, people would probably think I’m a complete and total moron.

This exercise in fact checking ended up costing me time since not only did I have to obtain the proper information, but I also had to rewrite a significant portion of the information that was incorrect. At this point in time, it would have been more efficient for me to simply write the essay.

Because the AI is capable of producing assertions and information that are not accurate, I no longer have any faith that it will be able to assist me in any way. After reaching this point, I was only able to use this instrument to write about topics on which I already had sufficient background knowledge. At least in that case, I would be able to detect the errors right away. This was the first time the tool saved me some time and it worked perfectly.

The AI Has Some Very Obvious Bugs

According to what I’ve gathered, this tool will search the internet for information, summarise that knowledge, and then write about it. This is the reason why it appears to be so sophisticated. Despite this, I did on more than one occasion come across bugs. Extremely poor ones that in all honesty really ought to have some constraints to prevent it from even reading text on a page that is not actual content.

The most difficult challenge for me was addressing issues about ties to social media. The following is an example of something that was ultimately recommended to me by it. How on earth can such utter rubbish as this even get past the filter that the system uses to determine what is and is not acceptable content?

Once more, this was an issue that would require me to go back and solve it, which would waste more of my time. It would occasionally include connections to other websites, many of which did not actually exist at the time. You could also detect when it was taking content directly from Wikipedia because it did not remove the citation marks when it copied the content (the little square bracket links after facts e.g. [1]).

It had come to the point where the system was providing me with false information and nonsense, which required me to spend time correcting it.

Is English Your Second Language?

Even though English is not my native tongue, I consider it to be one of my most important skills. Even though I am certainly not perfect with my grammar, I find that using this AI makes it much simpler for me to identify errors. Any instance of garbage-level language, problems with the context, or situations in which what the AI says makes absolutely no sense at all.

The difficulty with using this technology is that whatever it writes can sound really convincing. In the event that English was not your first language, you run the risk of falling into the aforementioned trap, in which you blindly accept what ShortlyAI says and lack the ability to recognise errors in the translation.

People who are interested in purchasing articles from freelance writers are likely to find that this tool presents a significant obstacle in their path. When you pay low costs, it is possible that you will end up purchasing something authored by Shortly that is destined to be thrown away immediately after it has been read.

If you plan to write some articles in English and are expecting that this tool will help you write better English, you should know that there is a good risk that it will really make things worse for you.

The AI struggles To Understand What You Are Talking About

After using Shortly for a week, I pretty much gave up on it because it was costing me so much time in comparison to the amount of time it would take if I were to write things by myself. The inability of the tool to comprehend what you are writing about was, in my opinion, the final straw that broke the camel’s back. Quite frequently, it will zero in on a single word in the title or description that you provide in order to provide context for it.

Imagine a word like “ice cream” for a moment. The addition of a hyphen would provide a more meaningful context for an AI to work with, but ShortlyAI could read a word like this and write about ice or cream, which are not the same as ice cream.

The more I experimented, the more I realised how pointless this tool was for me. As a result, I found the perfect illustration of this phenomenon. I managed to convince ShortlyAI to compose an evaluation of itself. Not only did it not understand what I was talking about, but the content itself was complete and utter nonsense.

If you read through the 500-word review that is provided below, you will get a pretty good idea of how much effort it is going to take to turn what an AI writes into usable content. This is something that is common knowledge, as we all know that an AI is going to need some assistance in order to write a good article. This whole review is pointless because the tool was unable to recognise what I was even writing about in the first place.

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