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Moving Boxes: What are the Different Types?

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Selecting the correct moving box can make you think hard. You must be wondering what kind you should choose? You need not hesitate if you cannot make your choice.

Here you will learn about the different types of moving boxes used by packers and movers and hence select one accordingly.

Types of moving boxes

As you need to select a moving box, you must ensure that you do it as per the shape, size, and type of the items you will put inside it. The material and the texture of the box would matter a lot as they will protect the goods during transit. Packers and movers generally use plastic boxes or cardboard boxes designed especially for packing your goods.

However, you will get four kinds of moving boxes if you visit the best packers and movers Kolkata. Explore the different types of moving boxes used by packers and movers.

  • Linen Box

You can use a linen box to pack lightweight and large items like artificial flowers, pans, kitchen utensils, and plastic showpieces. These boxes are large. But one must avoid using them for packing heavy items. Doing so would result in breaking the base. The box needs stuffing after putting all your things inside. It helps to avoid cracks, scratches, or irritating sounds of the items from the packing box.

  • Wardrobe Box

For your wardrobe essentials, you must use the wardrobe box. These boxes help to keep your things without ruining their folds. Especially if you choose the services of Agarwal packers Kolkata, they would advise you to avoid packing wooden or heavy objects in wardrobe boxes. These boxes have a separate bar for hanging clothes, offering convenience in packing wardrobe items.

  • Book Box

Book boxes are standard in every packing supplies store. They come in smaller sizes and have a sturdy structure. You can use these boxes to pack heavy books, photo albums, magazines, CDS, cosmetic bottles, bathroom essentials, handy gadgets, and many more. If you tend to pack fragile items in a book box, you must wrap them properly using packing papers and proper padding to keep them safe.

  • China Box

From the name, you can estimate the purpose of these boxes. The China box packs any fragile object or delicate items efficiently. Since these objects are highly prone to damage hence shifting professionals choose China boxes to keep these items safe throughout the process of shifting

Apart from that, you can also choose the different types of modular boxes available in the market to pack other items. These boxes can safely accommodate any fragile items.

Bottom Line

You can get different types of packing boxes in the market. However, packing things into these boxes could be difficult as it requires a particular skill. You can choose expert packers who can help you with this task. Besides, you can take the help of a packing calculator to get an idea about the type of box you require.

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