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Nix Those Hair Problems with Herbal Shampoos

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We often do things like curling, pressing, and blow-drying to get beautiful luscious locks for a day. Not only this, stress from modern living, changing weather, pollution, and continuous styling harms the health of your hair and scalp. Using toxic chemical shampoos on the hair can exacerbate the problem.

If you are looking for a way to reverse the damage and revive your damaged tresses, herbal shampoos with natural ingredients could be the best remedy!

How do herbal hair shampoos work?

Herbal hair shampoo is made from natural ingredients and has no synthetic chemicals or surfactants. By supplying vital oils and nutrients to the roots and follicles, these products feed and strengthen hair follicles. This, in turn, promotes healthy hair development by stimulating the production of new and healthy hair roots. 

While following a healthy hair care routine is essential, choosing the best herbal shampoo for hair growth is equally important. This post will familiarise you with some hair problems and how herbal shampoos can help nix them. 

Nix common hair problems with herbal shampoos

  • Dandruff: Dandruff happens when the scalp strips and flakes. Dry scalp, excess sebum, and intolerance to specific products are the key reasons for dandruff. Lotus Herbals KERA-VEDA NEEMACTIV Neem & Reetha Anti Dandruff Shampoo is your one-stop solution to combat this issue to the core. Neem and Reetha extracts are infused into this shampoo to remove unwanted dandruff and irritation. This herbal shampoo is free of hazardous chemicals, sulphates, and parabens and is the best herbal shampoo for hair growth. It can also be used with colored and treated hair.
  • Hair Loss- We all experience stress in our lives, and it has become a widespread issue nowadays. Stress often results in hair loss, leaving us with thin, brittle, and fragile hair. One must use a hair loss shampoo to boost nourishment, promote hair growth. And remove excess dirt, oil, and product residue that trigger hair loss. Lotus Herbals KERA-VEDA SOYASHINE Soya Protein & Brahmi Shampoo contains natural components. That have no adverse effects such as hair fall or hair loss, making your hair washing experience enjoyable! 
  • Grey Hair – Increased stress causes the follicle to release norepinephrine. This chemical causes melanocyte stem cells to rapidly transform into pigment cells and migrate. Out of hair follicles, resulting in grey hair. Bhringraj is a hair-loving herb that works as an Ayurvedic remedy for preventing premature greying by naturally darkening the hair. It also helps in hair growth and balding therapy. 

Herbal hair shampoo is made with natural ingredients, so you have an advantage. When it comes to dealing with your hair problems. Unlike chemical shampoos, they will not damage your hair or weaken them. Instead, herbal shampoo can undo the effects of chemicals on your hair with long-term use. And make them healthy from roots to tips. Start a chemical-free hair care regimen with herbal shampoos and nix your hair woes.

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