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Netgear Orbi Satellite Not Connecting

by M Asim

Not being able to sync the Netgear Orbi router and the Orbi satellite can prevent one from getting access to a blazing-fast internet connection. Like many others, in case you too are experiencing the Netgear Orbi satellite not connecting issue, walking through the tips mentioned in this article will be of great help. Given this, you ought to continue reading.

How to Reconnect Netgear Orbi Satellite and Router?

Restart the Entire WiFi Network

Get down to troubleshooting process by restarting the Orbi satellite. Check whether it helps you to resolve the issue which you have been experiencing. In case, it does not, then you should reboot the entire network. For the execution, here are the steps you should read:

  • Power down the satellite, router, modem, and client device.
  • Hold on for more than five minutes and let the devices rest.
  • Now, one by one, in the same order, turn on the wireless devices.

Once done, try to connect the router and the satellite. Did you get any luck? No? Well, it could be because there is some other reason why the issue in debate got caused. To resolve it, you ought to walk through the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below.

Upgrade the Netgear Orbi Satellite Firmware

In case it has been way too long since you last upgraded the firmware of your Netgear Orbi satellite, then you have just discovered in the second reason why you are stuck with the Orbi satellite not connecting problem. To resolve it, here is how to update the firmware:

  • Log in to the Netgear Orbi device using the admin login details.
  • Access the Settings menu and click the Firmware Update button.
  • Give the device enough time to get upgraded to the latest version.

In case you do not want to use the manual method to upgrade the firmware of the Orbi satellite, then it is recommended that you put the Orbi application to use for the same. Want to know how it can be used to update the firmware? Read the user manual.

Keep Signal Interference at Bay

If you are still a victim of the Netgear Orbi satellite not connecting problem, then it means that the signals of the Orbi devices are getting interrupted. This could be because they are kept near appliances, devices, and surfaces. Thus, relocate your Orbi and keep it away from:

  • Cordless phones, baby monitors, treadmills, and Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, and microwave ovens
  • Mirrors, fish tanks, glasses, and metal objects like aluminum studs

At last, do not keep the networking devices near thick concrete walls. We are suggesting you this because they can also mess with the signals emitted from them. Additionally, avoid placing the Orbi devices in corners of your house.

Restore the Netgear Orbi Devices

Did not even a single troubleshooting solution mentioned above help you to resolve the Netgear Orbi satellite not connecting issue? No problem. To put an end to it once and for all, it is recommended that you reset the Orbi devices. Here is how you can do the same:

  • Find and press the reset button on the router and satellite.
  • Use an oil pin or a paper clip to press the reset button.
  • Wait for some time and wait for the LED light to change color.

As soon as you are done resetting the networking devices to their default modes, you need to set them up again. You can set up the Orbi router using the orbilogin.net web address or the Orbi application. The choice is totally yours.

End Note

We are ending this article with the hope that you will be able to resolve the Netgear Orbi satellite not connecting to the host router issue in a hassle-free manner. On the off chance, it is still behind your back, then we are assuming that the sync button on either of the devices is broken. To take care of the problem, you need to get the Orbi device checked. We are hundred percent sure that this will work for you.

Once you have gotten the sync button repaired, sync the router and the satellite by pressing the same button, first on the Orbi router and then, the satellite. Let the LED change color.

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