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5 Tips to Achieve iHEYTEK WiFi Extender Installation Success

by M Asim

iHEYTEK extender is equipped with external antennas which can eliminate dead areas and improve the reach of the router. It is ideal for HD video streaming as well as online gaming. Also, given it supports WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK; you can prevent unauthorized access, protect your important data, and do much more. And, last, but not least, iHEYTEK WiFi extender setup is very easy. The setup process takes less than ten minutes to get completed, even by a user who holds no technical knowledge about the same.

But, despite this, users get stuck trying to set up the device. Did you recently buy an iHEYTEK extender and are scared you might face the same issues? Well, guess what? We won’t let you. In this blog, you will the tips that will prevent you from facing them.

How to Achieve iHEYTEK WiFi Extender Setup Success?

Use a Damage-Free Wall Socket

The biggest reason that causes setup issues is an inadequate power supply. An inadequate power supply is usually because of a damaged socket. Thus, make sure that the socket is not damaged. Along with this, see to it that the wall socket should be located in the same room where the host device has been configured. This will ensure a seamless transmission.

Enter the Right WiFi Password

In order to achieve WiFi extender setup issues, it is important that one makes the right connections, be it wireless or wired. Thus, when you are attempting to connect the client device to the WiFi device, it is suggested that you enter the right WiFi password. In case you are not sure about what it is, then do not enter the wrong one. Read the manual.

Insert the Correct IP Address of iHEYTEK WiFi Extender

The default IP address of an iHEYTEK WiFi extender is It is important that you enter it in same manner as it is. For example, do not enter it with spaces like 192 168 10 1 or with the incorrect placement of the decimal like 192168.1.0.1. These small typing errors are enough to cause setup issues for you. Thus, do as said by us.

Use an Upgraded Web Browser

Many times, browser-related reasons cause setup issues. If you will be using the manual method to set up the WiFi extender, you will be using a browser by default. Just make sure that it is running on an upgraded version. Along with this, make one more effort. Clean the web browser. This can be done if you make it free from browsing history, cookies, cache.

Keep Electronic Devices Away from iHEYTEK WiFi Extender

Electronic devices and transmitting appliances like cordless phones, microwave ovens, and refrigerators emit electromagnetic waves which are not good for the health of your device as they can mess with its signals. To ensure that interference does not become the reason why you face the extender setup issues, keep the extender away from these examples.

Bonus Tip: Keep the Computer Virus-Free

We all are aware of what viruses can do. They can prevent one to access certain websites, slow down download speeds, corrupt files, and do much more. They can also stop you from setting up the extender. To ensure that this does not happen, you need to keep the client device virus-free. This can be done if you keep an antivirus app installed on your device.

Final Thoughts

Here ends the guide on the tips, which if followed, can help you to prevent experiencing the iHEYTEK WiFi extender setup problems. Now that you have become aware of all the necessary precautions, take our advice and set up the device. To learn how you can execute the process, you ought to walk through the instructions that are given in the user manual of your wireless extender. Follow them in the same order as they are given. Otherwise, you might come across technical issues which will not hop off of your back anytime sooner.

In the user manual, you will also become aware of many other topics like, how to update the firmware of the extender, steps to reset it, what all settings can be customized after the setup process, what is the process to log in to the WiFi range extender, and so much more.

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