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Negative Keywords in SEO: A Complete Guide

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When specific words or phrases are typed into a search engine, negative keywords prevent advertisements from being displayed on the results page. These advertisements will not be seen by anyone who searches for that term.

 This results in significant financial savings and the avoidance of undesired visitors on the page. To restrict the number of uninterested buyers who visit their websites, most advertising companies employ negative keywords. Many businesses are attempting to identify the most effective keywords to garner the most attention and clicks.

What is the purpose of negative keywords?

Advertising organizations frequently use negative keywords to screen potential clients who would never purchase anything from their company. It is usual for businesses to conduct keyword research to determine which keywords generate the most clicks and views. On the other hand, few firms make an effort to identify negative keywords that could assist them in reaching the same aim. On the other hand, using negative keywords has several disadvantages that should not be neglected. Negative keywords can negatively influence the number of potential buyers who notice an ad or a web page since they are not favourable. As a result of your search, you never know if someone who came across your search and saw an advertisement for bicycles may change their mind about purchasing one. 

Searching for negative keywords:

  • To benefit from negative keywords, you must be aware of the appropriate terms that can be used as negative keywords. The task can be completed utilizing a variety of software applications. Information-gathering tools such as these allow you to observe how individuals seek information. This method makes it simple to identify the negative keywords acceptable for your campaign’s objectives.  In addition to assisting, you in identifying essential keywords, Keyword Planner may also help you in the title of potential negative keywords.
  • As you’ll see, adding terms to your negative SEO keyword audit service list that you know is irrelevant to your business may be a good idea, depending on your situation. With a Search Term Report, you can find out what people were looking for when they stumbled upon your website. You will benefit from this since it will allow you to fine-tune your keywords to communicate with people whose desires are relevant to what your website has to offer. It is required to review a search term report to identify which terms are applicable and which times are not appropriate. To accomplish this, you’ll need to go over each word and assess whether or not it applies to your organization.
  • An effective marketer must develop various techniques to discover related terms to be genuinely effective. For example, you could check up all of the synonyms for the word in question. If you do not put up the necessary effort, your website may acquire low-quality traffic, reducing your chances of achieving online success. You might consider employing an automated program to detect negative keywords if you put in a lot of time and effort on this task. In AdWords, you may find computerized suggestions, such as keyword suggestions, under the Opportunities tab. However, it is suggested that you carefully review the proposals and verify their accuracy because they are created by an automatic system and may contain errors.
  • Google Analytics can also detect search phrases that aren’t relevant to your company’s products or audit service.

Examples of negative keywords are as follows:

• Employment search keywords are a standard set of words to avoid when looking for work. These subjects are related to job seekers and other individuals seeking work. Because this is not the purpose of your campaign, it is strongly recommended that you include the following words in your negative keyword list:

1. Make an offer.

2. Recruiting

3. Gainful Employment

Look for educational opportunities. The usage of negative keywords in searches is common among those attempting to expand their knowledge or skill set rather than obtain a physical object. The following keywords are included in the list:


2. Acquire knowledge

3. The level of education

Keywords associated with study and information are essential for any e-commerce website’s keyword strategy. If you do not include the following keywords in your ad copy, your ad’s visibility will suffer:

1. Take a look at it.

2. Reviews of the literature

3. Affiliation

What is the best way to search for negative terms on Google?

Using a search engine for your target queries is yet another simple way to detect negative keywords. As a result, you’ll receive a deluge of related questions, some of which you may choose to ignore.

You can then use this list to compile a list of negative keywords to utilize in your search.

Effective keyword research involves continual re-examination and improvement to maintain effectiveness. 


Negative keywords are just as significant as positive ones for keyword research. Looking at the suggestions listed above can help you locate them quickly.

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