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My WiFi Router is Not Obtaining IP Address. Help!

by M Asim

A router in the networking realm generally has two IP addresses. First the default one and second that is assigned by the host device. The first is used to access the router interface whereas the second IP is used to access the WAN i.e. Wide Area Network. It is the second IP address that helps that particular device (here the router) to communicate with other devices present in the network. This IP can be but not 192 168 15.1. The reason being the IP characters are always separated by periods. But, there are times when the router does not get an IP from the host gadget which as a result denies internet access to its clients. Is your WiFi router also not obtaining the IP address? If yes, then you are supposed to follow the hacks given in this write-up.

Why Your WiFi Router is Not Obtaining IP Address?

The router might fail to get an IP address if it is not connected to the modem properly. Do we need to mention how to connect your WiFi devices? Of course not! But, we will surely tell you about the most important things to be taken care of when it comes to the router-modem connection. First of all, perform a regular health checkup of the Ethernet cable that is hanging between your router’s WAN port and the modem’s LAN1 port. Is it in a non-damaged state? If not, then you are supposed to get it replaced as soon as possible.

Also, be sure that the cable is perfectly connected to the ports of your devices. The ports must be well working. Otherwise, all this troubleshooting will go in vain. If possible, try to use the Ethernet cable that offers higher data transfer rate after getting employed. On the off-chance, your router is still not getting the IP address, you are suggested to walk through the other responsible factors for causing this problem that have been highlighted below:

  • The router has not booted up properly.
  • Either your modem or the router is not getting a proper power supply.
  • Your router is overheating due to external factors.

So, these were the topmost reasons due to which a WiFi router denies getting an IP address from the modem. The time has come that we make you familiar with the solutions so that you can troubleshoot the issue as soon as possible.

Solutions: WiFi Router Not Obtaining IP Address

  • Start the Router Again

If the router is not getting the IP address because it has not booted up properly, then you will notice a weird behavior of its LED lights. If LEDs are behaving out of order, you are suggested to restart the router. Doing so will give your router a chance to get the IP address. Therefore, unplug the WiFi router from its respective power outlet and also disconnect other devices sharing a connection with the router. You are now suggested to wait for 15 minutes and connect the router to its power outlet. Now, check for the internet connection on the devices connected to the router. If internet connection is there, then the issue has been fixed. Otherwise, follow the next hack.

  • Ensure Proper Power Supply

You are suggested to check the power being supplied to your WiFi router and the modem. How can you expect your devices to assign and obtain an IP address if they are stuck in a reboot loop due to an improper power supply? Thus, make sure that you have connected your WiFi router and modem to non-damaged power outlets. Their power cables and adapters are also supposed to be in a non-damaged state. Use a UPS in the case of excessive power outages.

  • Relocate the Router

When it comes to overheating of the router, the external factors have a major role to play in addition to the excessive working. Perhaps, you have kept your router near a direct heat source. Therefore, you are suggested to relocate your router and place it somewhere in a cool space. But, make sure that you do not keep in an enclosed room. It is supposed to be well-ventilated. You should also consider updating the firmware of your router via www. after that.

To Sum Up

That’s all about what to do if the router is not obtaining an IP address from the modem. We are expecting that after taking the help of the techniques mentioned above, you will be able to fix the IP-related problem with your WiFi router. So, resume your internet experience!

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