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Interesting Facts about Aeroplanes that you probably don’t know

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Getting on an aeroplane has been an intriguing encounter for all of us. Consistently, over 100k planes fly to different destinations on the planet. Thus, the development of the aviation industry has been a remarkable variable, which brought about the request for productive transportation for merchandise and travellers alike. Whether you’ve booked your tickets with a private jet charter agency or the standard ones, some interesting facts are as astounding as they’re energising.

While we don’t pay much attention to such unknown facts about aeroplanes during a flight, they’re a lot more fun than we’d expected. So, let’s delve deeper into the details below. 

Flying during lightning is safe: 

Do you know how aeroplanes stay firm after being constantly hit by lightning or thunderstorms? Surprisingly, aeroplanes are developed to withstand high temperatures and electrostatic discharge connected with lightning strikes. With exteriors made of metal, it helps conduct the electricity and dissipate the charge from a lightning strike. In contrast, the interior of an aeroplane contains insulation material, which protects the passengers from the electrical current.

Pilots nap on the Aeroplane too:

During extensive hours, flight attendants and pilots get tired like the passengers and also need to take a short nap. The fun fact is that they don’t get to nap on the pilot seat. There’s a secret spot with a tiny bed where the pilot and their assistants can rest. For instance, a locked door might seem like an overhead bin, but secretly leads to a few beds. 

Aeroplanes can get fixed with Paper Tapes:

In 2015, a social media activist posted a viral video of an airline technician fixing an aeroplane with speed tape. It’s a kind of tape with a hefty price tag of around $700 per roll. Speed tape is an aluminium adhesive applied for temporary repair until a permanent replacement is available. Without implying how much authenticity the fact carries, it’s exceptionally unique. 

Window seats aren’t the safest place on an Aeroplane:

Another surprising fact about an aeroplane is that there’s no secured seat, and you’re always unsafe. According to research, those sitting by the window seats are more prone to danger than others. Now that the window seats are round in shape, they’re this way for a reason. 

After a series of mishaps in the early days of commercial flying, the engineers revealed that having square windows with sharp edges compromises the safety level of the passenger. In contrast, round windows can tackle the continuous air pressure during a flight. 

The air inside an aeroplane is impure:

Most travellers might not be aware of it, yet the oxygen inside an aeroplane is pretty bad. It’s recirculated, implying more germs and bacteria are in the air. In addition, the presence of hundreds of passengers provides open access for germs to spread. If you’re worried about getting sick on board, the best you can do is to bring your food and water. Keep your hands sanitised all the time and avoid touching the surface unnecessarily. 

Luggage loading sounds like Loud slamming:

After getting on board, the loud banging noises might frighten you. However, there’s no need to worry since they’re not last-minute repairs. Those noises belong to the luggage and cargo being loaded or taken off the Aeroplane. All of your suitcases, heavy golf bags, and big skis are directly thrown below the cabin, so that’s why it sounds pretty loud. Another reason is that the crew might be vacating the lavatory tanks, which refers to where all the toilet waste goes. 

Problematic Passengers may be handcuffed:

While every passenger wants to make the most of their trip peacefully, even a slight inconvenience is intolerable to them. And for that reason, if you get out of control during a flight and constantly cause trouble to the crew, they might handcuff you until the plane reaches the desired destination. Some airlines even keep zip-tie cuffs onboard, while others might allow the attendants to cuff the culprit with seat-belt extenders. 

Wrapping Up:

There’s no denying that flying is a regular part of voyagers’ lives, particularly the workaholics. Regardless if the details are related to the air charter services, the flight crew or the seat you’re getting, it’s essential to be aware of such facts, so you can make use of them if need be. While much amusement is concealed inside a plane, who wouldn’t want to inundate?

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