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How to celebrate my 13th birthday

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How to celebrate my 13th birthday: One of the most special days that we usually live on the day of our birthday. When we are children we are looking forward to that day to celebrate with our friends and receive many gifts. As the years go by, we celebrate it in a different way, such as when we turn 13. If you’re turning 13 and don’t know how to celebrate your birthday, at OneHowTo we’ll give you some original ideas.

A house party

To celebrate your 13th birthday you can have a party with all your friends. You can have a party at home, especially if you have a birthday in summer, the party can be organized in the garden or in the pool. Your parents can help you prepare the snack or you can ask them to give you the catering. There are companies that prepare delicious menus and also decorate the garden with Balloons, Stars, and you can also play a fun game asking others how old am I today, question answer, and gift round.

A trip to your favorite destination

Because it’s your birthday and it’s a special day and you always wanted to get to know that city. Whether it’s London, Paris, or Rome… why not ask your parents to travel to your favorite destination as a birthday present? It is a very special way to celebrate your 13th birthday and share time with them.

Theme park

There are many leisure options to celebrate such an important day. You can celebrate your 13th birthday at the amusement park. There are packages with special prices for groups and you can invite your friends. You can also do it in a water park, surely you have one close to home. Without a doubt, it will be a very fun and adventurous birthday.

Music concert

Another special way to celebrate your 13th birthday is to go to a concert. If your favorite music group plays in your city and you have never had the opportunity to see them live, now may be the time. You can propose to your parents that they let you go to that concert, surely with the illusion that it makes you they will not refuse.

Only for girls

A plan specially designed for girls is to go to a beauty center together and dedicate the day to your well-being. A plan that does not fail is to start with a spa circuit and finish with a relaxing massage. 13-year-olds deserve a special gift and if you have never been to a spa, now may be the time to do so.

To ride a horse

If you are passionate about animals and have never been able to ride a horse, why not celebrate your 13th birthday in this very special way? There are many companies dedicated to excursions in the mountains on horseback. You do not need to have experience, you will always be accompanied by a monitor and it does not matter what level you have because they will teach you. Surely you will not forget this special day!

Birthday animation

On a conventional birthday, we do not need an animation, since we know that children manage to play and have fun on their own. However, if you really want to have an original birthday party, you need birthday entertainers so that they can give different colors to the celebration. Within the animators that you can hire we can differentiate:

  • conventional entertainers
  • Various face painting and balloon twisting workshops
  • Children’s Clowns
  • wizards
  • Theme entertainers in costumes

Any of these types of animation will be surprising for both parents and your child’s friends.

Living room or garden decoration

The decoration is the second important point to take into account and for this, the decoration with balloons is the most economical and original. We can decorate the walls, the chairs, the doors and we can even buy shaped balloons to give it a nicer touch.

The children’s cake

The cake is the highlight of the anniversary, which is why it must be a well-cared detail. We can make a chocolate cake and cookies with relatively little expense. Also, to finish off the moment, we can add a second cake, this time with sweets to give it an extra touch.

As you can see, celebrating original birthday parties is easier than it seems, as long as we comply with these basic points. From here everyone can increase the originality as much as they want. Everything is for the fun of the children.

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