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Future of Mobile App Development Services Company

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This keeps a certain trend alive in the imaginations of entrepreneurs and a mobile app development services company. All of the other rivers are unlikely to vanish completely. Instead, they will continue to stream in parallel, narrowing and weakening for a time. Let’s take a look at the ones that will be the most active for a mobile app development service company next year.

  • Counter-Fake Solutions 

In the twenty-first century, the media has become known for its desperate manipulation of facts. While the truth is open to multiple misinterpretations, fakes are posing as real happenings. People may doubt the reliability of stories on news websites. But biases and fakes are practically impossible to avoid on social media. We usually don’t have time to double-check what we see on our Facebook feeds. This is how deception infiltrates our daily lives.

As a result, we have the hottest mobile app development idea right now. It is the integration of fact-checking algorithms into social media apps. Media platforms must develop new ways to distinguish the wheat from the chaff.  The only practical solution appears to be hiding fakes from social media users. Firstly, we must identify the incorrect information. 

In order to evaluate data in social media, AI-based cross-checking solutions are in high demand. Because the volume of data is considerably beyond human capacities to process, this is about automated algorithms. Credible social media apps must implement anti-fake filters. Facebook and Twitter took the first tentative step in this direction. A strictly counter-fake mobile solution, on the other hand, is still in the works.

  • Anonymity and Security

Many commercial programs gather personal information from users. The majority of consumers are concerned about the possibility of leaks. Despite the fact that the goal of data gathering is to improve services. Furthermore, some social media behemoths are notorious for leaking personal information. People begin to feel as if they are being watched 24/7. This instills skepticism in many IT projects that collect data from users for numerous objectives.

It is becoming self-evident that personal data security must be improved. Mobile developers from a leading mobile app development company have long used 2-factoR authentication, face recognition, and fingerprint login. Nonetheless, the data protection issue has not gone away. And the trend in mobile app development appears to be here to stay for a while.

  • Touchless Interfaces 

We’ve already noted today’s mega-trend in mobile development: simplicity of as much as possible in user-app interactions. In our context, simplicity refers to reducing the amount of work required to utilize smartphones. Specifically, this refers to user interfaces. Traditional graphic interfaces have reached their limit in terms of simplicity. We can’t make them any easier. However, the demand for more natural interactions with technology persists. Furthermore, the fast-paced nature of modern life motivates a mobile app development company in California to create novel touchless interfaces.

One of the two promising touchless alternatives available now is voice-driven interfaces. Another suggests using motions to operate devices. in different degrees, new approached have been applied to touchless control. At the same time, neither of them has reached the limit of their capabilities in terms of touchless usage of mobile devices. Also, the infamous COVID has poured gasoline into the fire: don’t touch your phone — keep away from infections!

Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa serve as the foundation for developing full-fledged touchless interfaces. Voice assistants have two key advantages: they take up little screen space and require no user action to activate. What could be more natural for humans than the ability to manage their speech? Probably only thoughts are possible. Brain-computer interfaces, on the other hand, belong in the realm of science fiction rather than mainstream adoption in the consumer market.

Touchless UI is unquestionably the way of the future when it comes to mobile app development. The trend is so tempting that in 2022, both users and developers will be unable to resist its promise.

DevBatch- An Experienced Mobile App Development Company in USA

It’s simple to tell whether a mobile development agency is run by authentic professionals. True experts are well-versed in not only mobile apps but also all existing mobile platforms. Unlike the bulk of mobile developers, DevBatch has extensive experience in providing IOS and Android apps.

The second criterion of exceptional expertise entails a comprehensive understanding of the technologies that affect the entire mobile app development industry. It’s critical to comprehend what the modern market expects from both app owners and developers. As a result, DevBatch focuses on cross-platform and hybrid applications, which appear to be more realistic in the current mobile market.

Another feature that distinguishes our professionals from others is their ability to think ahead. This allows us to predict which trends a future mobile app development agency will follow. In this context, DevBatch is not averse to devoting time and resources to learning novel technologies like blockchain. Furthermore, the breadth and diversity of sectors in which DevBatch has confidence speaks much about the abilities of our engineers.

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