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Consider These Factors While Choosing a Toothbrush

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Many people don’t give it much thought when they buy a toothbrush. After all, it’s just a toothbrush, they say. But it’s not. It’s your way to a healthy mouth and great dental health. If your oral health is important to you, and you understand that your toothbrush is an important tool, you should take toothbrush shopping seriously. 

So, if you are someone who buys the cheapest of the available options or who doesn’t care much about its size or handle, and the only fact that affects you is whether it’s pink or blue, you need to read this. 

Factors To Consider When Buying a Toothbrush

Next time you go toothbrush shopping, don’t just pick up the first one you see. Consider the following factors before choosing a toothbrush.

Hard Or Soft Bristles?

Most people believe that the harder the bristles, the better the cleaning will be. It’s not true at all. Visit your dentist in Chandler today, and you will learn that you not only brush your teeth, but your toothbrush also grazes your gums. And you must be aware that gums are not made of calcium. They are soft, and thus, using a hard brush might injure them. People who brush with hard bristles often complain of bleeding and swollen gums. Frequent injuries to gums may also cause mouth ulcers. 

Thus, when you choose a brush, choose one with soft bristles. Its bristles will effectively turn and twist and clean your teeth properly. 

The Toothbrush Head Size   

Have you ever seen your toothbrush closely? What is your brush’s head size? How does it differ from the ones your kids use? You should always carefully look at the brush head, its size, shape, and whether it’s comfortable or not when you use it. 

Choose a toothbrush that fits your mouth and covers every area. You can also try brushing in front of the mirror to ensure that it achieves its purpose. Also, a toothbrush with a larger head doesn’t guarantee better cleaning. Remember that a brush that might suit others may not be suitable for you.

Also, don’t be shy in choosing a kid’s toothbrush for yourself. If a child’s toothbrush fits your mouth perfectly, choose it. The aim is to clean all your teeth

ADA Approved

ADA is the American Dental Association that researches and continuously brainstorm to find out the best ways to clean and protect your teeth. An ADA-approved toothbrush goes through several testing procedures to ensure that the brush is safe to use. ADA tests that the brush has soft bristles, hinders the accumulation of plaque, and can be used daily without any problem. 

So, next time you buy a toothbrush, ensure that it bears the ADA seal. If you find it hard to choose, you can also ask your dentist in Chandler to help you select a brush. 


The supermarket stores toothbrushes ranging from a few cents to a few dollars. If you choose the cheapest one today, it might cost you several hundred dollars in the future for dental check-ups. Price should be your least concern when buying a toothbrush. Choose a brush after checking out its features and whether it’s right for you and then check out its price. Remember, the toothbrush you choose will keep your teeth healthy for several months to come.

Manual Or Electric?  

People have different choices. Some would recommend that manual brushes are better, while others will advocate a power brush. It depends on how you clean your teeth. Many people are not deft in cleaning their teeth, and a power brush seems the right option, but if you use a manual brush and your dental hygiene is good, you can continue choosing a manual brush. 

Price also plays an important role here. People choose a manual brush because it’s less expensive when compared to battery-powered toothbrushes. So, if you are price-conscious, then it’s a manual toothbrush for you.

Remember, there is no difference in their cleaning. Both of them are equally effective, depending on how you brush your teeth. 

Final Words

A healthy mouth is a reflection of good health. Good dental health comes from effective brushing. Your toothbrush is your front-line soldier against dental health problems. So, choose this tool carefully. Do not forget to consider the above factors. 

If you face any problem, you can always visit your dentist in Chandler and learn about the best toothbrushes and oral hygiene instructions. 

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