5 Ways to find the Best International Primary School for Your Child

“When it comes to finding the best primary school for your child, there can be endless options. 

Classroom facilities? A great curriculum? Academic standard? Best International Primary School Here are 5 expert tips on how you can narrow down your search and get your children the head start they deserve.”

Starting school is an exciting start to a new adventure. Children begin to explore the world around them. They start to form relationships with other students and their teachers. They build upon the knowledge they already have and make discoveries as they get older.

1. Environment and ethos

It is important to look at the ethos of the school as well – what is it they are looking to achieve? Is it solely focused on academic results? Or do they want to build a rounded individual who has a passion for learning and life?

A structured environment is imperative to the growth of children. There are a multitude of factors that go into creating a nurturing and positive environment, but a school that prioritises the well-being of children is bound to succeed.

At Maple Leaf Kingsley International School, students are always our priority.

2. Curriculum 

How does the school structure lessons? What does an average day look like? Does the school offer specialist subjects like music or foreign languages? Does it encourage extracurricular activities or trips to help children learn in different ways?

Many of the skills and talents we learn as children pave the way for the rest of our lives. Tapping into the enthusiasm and creativity of young people is vital. A curriculum that welcomes creative thinking and allows children to express themselves positively will lead to the development of skills and talents.

We expose our students to a wide range of subjects along with science kits, games, mathematical manipulatives, interactive whiteboards, computer skills and field trips for a hands-on and experiential learning journey.

3. School infrastructure and facilities

State-of-the-art facilities for students play an important role in the enhancement of the learning experience, helping students in their physical, spiritual, Best International Primary School mental and social development.

At Kingsley, we provide spacious classrooms and common spaces for students to learn comfortably and properly distance themselves from each other. Our state-of-the-art facilities and an expansive environment to learn in ensure that we are able to cultivate a supporting atmosphere for students to flourish.

4. Culture and community

Does the school have a strong community? What kind of support does the school provide for students and parents? How involved and engaged are the teachers and parents? What values does the school promote? Is it inclusive, open and friendly?

These are a few questions you must ask yourself to ensure that your child is in an environment where they will flourish as a whole person and develop respect for others.

It’s important to consider what kind of environment your child will thrive in. A positive environment and friendly staff will enable students to develop their learning potential and shine as an individual.

At Kingsley International School, we provide a safe and caring environment that encourages an atmosphere of tolerance, openness and trust.

5. Is it a fun place to learn?

Will your child enjoy going to school each day? Do they look forward to learning new things each day? Or are they disinterested in what is being taught and how it is being taught?

Your child’s formative school years have a lasting Best International Primary School influence on their life.

At Maple Leaf Kingsley International School, our teachers employ fun and creative methods of teaching to create engaging learning experiences that empower students and create excitement to come back to school every day. Students are encouraged to ask questions, research their interests, train their bodies and mind, and be who they are.

Note: Maple Leaf Kingsley International School follows proper masking and standard SOPs to ensure students, teachers and staff are safe. 

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