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Boosting your notoriety on Pinterest: 3 key points

The founders define Pinterest as a search engine comparable to Google, on which visitors pin (to pin) the ideas that interest them (interest). Every day, more than 400 million Internet users come here to seek inspiration among 240 billion images, photos or videos on various themes. The traffic generated on the platform can prove to be a real advantage in boosting the notoriety of your blog or e-commerce site. In this article, we reveal the 3 essential steps to apply to stand out on Pinterest. The goal is to attract customers to your brand, products and services.

Create original and inspiring content to promote yourself

“Pinterest is the search engine for visual discoveries. Our mission is to inspire everyone to create the life they love.

Users come here to look for new ideas with a view to making one or more projects a reality. It can be a question of giving a boost to the interior decoration of a property, of making your own gifts to offer or even of finding a unique place for your next vacation.

Posts called “pins” number in the billions, so knowing how to generate interest in less than a second is essential to capturing traffic. That’s why we suggest you start with:

  • target the interests of your community;
  • create a graphic charter and stick to it;
  • provide original content.

In order to know the tastes of your audience, we encourage you to define the different profiles of your prospects, which we call “personas”. This approach will allow you to point out the common topics that you share with your Internet users. Thus, you will post appropriate publications in order to capture the attention of your visitors and encourage them to click.

On this search engine, the quality of the image is paramount. It must be valued and cared for. In fact, creating a visual identity is intended to help followers of your account locate your content at a glance on Pinterest. This graphic consistency gives your brand all the more credibility, which stands out for its professionalism with your target.

In order to stimulate your creative side to propose original pins, we suggest that you apply one of these exercises at least twice a week:

  • engage in conversation with new people;
  • visit museums or temporary exhibitions;
  • be inspired by current trends and seasonal events;
  • consume content on themes that do not usually appeal to you.

The objective is to think outside the box to bring out new concepts. When making your publications, keep in mind that 85% of Internet users consult Pinterest on their smartphones. Thus, adapt your formats, in particular, by using vertical photos to facilitate the direction of reading.

Manage your account like a pro to stand out on Pinterest

We advise you to open a professional account. This gives you access to the free “Pinterest Analytics” tool which helps you understand your audience’s interest in your pins. It is recommended to share the links of your website and your social network accounts on the platform by the social media verification agency. In fact, your subscribers will be able to more easily discover your brand, your products and services on the Internet.

The structure of Pinterest is organized around a set of tables. To get started, we recommend that you create about 10, each containing a minimum of 20 images, photos or videos to offer choice to your first visitors. In addition, the cover of each table must be chosen with the greatest care, because positioned in the first line it is equivalent to your entry point and must therefore be attractive.

The platform’s algorithm agrees on the same foundations as that of Google to raise publications to the top of search results. In fact, knowledge of natural referencing as well as web writing are assets. It is recommended to insert a key query as well as keywords linked to the semantic field for the different text areas listed below:

  • titles and descriptions of publications;
  • the name of the tables grouping the pins;
  • the “about” section of your Pinterest profile.

To do this, it is preferable to write rich texts, because the lists of words are not valued by the platform. In addition, they capture the attention of Internet users who commonly carry out specific searches.

In order to deepen this subject, we recommend that you read the article The Pinterest plan of attack: what place for writing? to learn more tips.

The search engine measures the popularity of an account through the number of contents saves, clicks and affiliate comments. As you will have understood, increasing your chances of appearing in the users’ feed (the image gallery in French) requires having a high reputation on Pinterest.

We suggest posting at least 5-6 pins per week. The objective is to arouse interest in your paintings among visitors. In fact, they will come regularly to scrutinize the novelties and, in return, you will rise to the top of trends on Pinterest.

Interact with the community to boost its notoriety on Pinterest

The site offers to share content with other users through collaborative tables whose rights are open to all. Thus, each person can enrich it, while respecting the theme imposed by its owner. These tables count a large number of subscribers, increasing the visibility of your publications. We nevertheless draw your attention to the rules put in place by some which are binding. In fact, it is imperative to read the instructions upstream to avoid disappointment.

Thus, subscribe to accounts and follow trends. Curiosity is an asset to make your way through the billions of publications and spot the most surprising previews.

In addition, the momentum provided by other Internet users will allow you to boost your notoriety on Pinterest. As we detailed above, centers of interest are unifying. As soon as you spot an account in your feed that looks like you, share its content and leave comments below its publications in order to create a link. In the majority of cases, people will also broadcast your pins.

Pinterest promotes exchanges between users, so it is important to stay close to your community in order to stand out. Visitors who have taken the time to write to you appreciate receiving a response in return, usually a few words are enough.

In order to go further, you can take the lead by creating events. For example, you choose the vegetable of the week to cook in all its forms, and offer one recipe per day in your themed table on the culinary arts. Also surf on the seasons by suggesting schedules of creative activities around Valentine’s Day, summer or Halloween.

The word-of-mouth technique is undeniably the most effective. To do this, be sure to organize contests encouraging Internet users to talk about you to those around them. The reward of a gift is often a driving force.

As you will have understood, the stakes are high to succeed in standing out on Pinterest, in order to capture traffic to its merchant site. when you’ve accepted the challenge, think about the founders’ initial concept of providing inspirational content. Be professional in your methodology and pamper your community to make it grow. Also remember that it is essential to bring value to satisfy the algorithm, in order to climb to the top of trends and boost your notoriety on Pinterest.

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