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5 Most Common Android Phone Problems and Easy Solutions

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Buying a phone is an easier and more fun task than later on dealing with its common problems. We must learn a little about our smartphones. When you start paying close attention to your phone. You will read up all the telltale signs that your phone now needs a little TLC. Studying your phone closely can easily help you find out how to fix common Android problems when they arise.

However, it is still ok that you are not aware of these solutions. Because that’s why we are here today to tell you about the 5 most common Android phone problems and their easy solutions. You don’t have to waste your time trying to figure this out on your own when we can help you.

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  1. Running Short on Storage

When we start unnecessarily saving things on our phones. It quickly begins running low on storage. It starts escalating into other problems such as phone lagging and no longer saving enough space for future files. All of this can easily be avoided. If we start using the technology that is out there to help us. Mostly our phone space gets crowded due to piles of pictures and videos saved on our phones. Use Google Photos and enable the automatic setting so your files every day will back up into your Google Account automatically. You can even save those files on a card and delete the copy of those files from your phone. You should also remove the apps that you are no longer using.

  1. Low Battery

It is a common problem that every smartphone user faces one year later of the phone purchase. A new phone battery supposes to last for a longer period and it certainly does to some extent. If your phone battery drains quickly. Maybe it’s time that you visit your Settings and lower the brightness level of your phone. If the brightness is full it will drain your battery pretty quickly. Also, choose a dark theme instead of a bright one. It consumes less power from the phone battery.

  1. Small Size Text

Squinting is never good for your eyes. Especially if you have sight issues that result in headaches when you squint. This issue can be resolved just head over to the Accessibility section of your phone Settings. Over there you will find two options. “Font size” will enlarge the text size of your phone. You can also go with “Display Size” which will overall enlarge the size of everything on your phone screen.

  1. Turn-Off Auto Rotation

Auto rotation is quite annoying everyone can agree with me over this factor. Sure it is helpful when you are watching a movie or TV show on your phone and your phone screen easily transforms from portrait mode to landscape mode by holding your phone in a horizontal position. However, that’s the end of its usefulness. When you are working or doing different important work. Unnecessary auto rotation becomes irritating. Having the latest technology device is quite helpful. All you have to do is go to your phone setting and turn off the auto rotation. Now your mobile phone will always stay in portrait mode unless you want to change it to landscape manually.

  1. Mute Notification

Notification is helpful when you need to be alerted about something important. However, when you are working and different apps aggressively send you a notification. At that moment we wish to throw away our phones. But wait why would you do that when you can easily mute the notifications of certain apps. Just visit Settings and open “Notification and Status Bar”. Over there you will find ” Manage Notification” once you open it. You are going to see different app icons just turn off the notification of the app that sends you notifications aggressively. You can also hold that app’s recent notification for a few seconds and see the option for a mute just tap on it and you won’t see the notification from that specific app unless you unmute it.

Final Verdict:-  I hope that this article was helpful and that in the future, you can take control of your device and make adjustments as per your requirements. If you have recently damaged your phone and are looking for an affordable mobile repair service then Quickmobile is going to help you out. With their pocket-friendly and quality services.

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