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5 Most Trusted Hard Money Lenders In The United States

by John

Are you stuck in a dire situation and need urgent money? Getting a loan can be one of the messiest things but hard money lenders can be a boon for such situations. Money lenders don’t demand a good credit score and even account balance before accepting the hard money loan.

Let’s first understand how hard money loans are acquired then we’ll talk about the best hard money loan lenders in the US.

What do you mean by hard money loans?

A hard money loan, also called the ‘last resort’ is a kind of loan which you can get based on your real estate property, as collateral. The loan papers are attached with your real estate papers, which means in case of late deposits or the absence of deposits, the money lender can take the rights of your property. It’s a good option if you need money urgently but you need to repay the deposits + interest money on time if you want to avoid any adventure.

Let’s discuss some most reliable hard money lenders in the United States.

Sunny Lending LLC

Sunny Lending is the best Maryland hard money lenders. It has no credit score standard or debt-to-ratio income required for hard money loans. They will only need the information related to the property that you will use as collateral. After the review process, your hard money loan will quickly get approved. 

However, the interest rate of hard money loans can be more than soft money loans, depending on the type of property. Sunny Lending’s hard money loan’s interest rates are most flexible compared to other Maryland hard loan lenders. 


Kiavi specialises in hard money loans for rental and small business purposes. They are one of the most trusted hard money lenders for new and experienced flippers who are wanting fast funding and low rates.

They offer a starting interest rate of 6.0+% and provide a maximum hard money loan of $1.5 million, in as little as 10 days. Kiavi doesn’t charge an application fee, employment, income, or asset verification, which is the cherry on the cake. 

RCN Capital

RCN Capital prefers experienced investors but also works with new fix&flip investors. A better interest rate is provided to experienced investors. Thus the starting interest rate can vary depending on the experience in the fix&flip market. 

RCN Capital lets you borrow up to 85% LTC and 100% renovation cost, with an early closing of 10 days.

Lima One Capital

They provide hard money options like fix&flip, bridge plus, fix-to-rent and value-add bridge loans. Lima One Capital has a maximum loan amount depending on the type of hard loan you get.

You will require a credit score up to 600 and it is open to both, new and experienced investors. The best part is most loans are short-term of 24 months, only value-add bridges can take up to 36 months. 


It’s the perfect choice for business owners seeking to fund larger projects. The maximum hard money loan you can get is $50 million. The fix&flip allows builders to finish projects, sell them and continue with the next flip. 

The company considers your track record, and liquidity rather than your credit score and personal financial statement before granting the hard loan. 


Hard money loans might be easy to get but they also come with certain drawbacks that are hard to ignore. We have above discussed some most reliable hard money lenders in the United States. If you want to get a hard money loan, talk to their customer support team and they will walk you through all the necessary details. 


  1. Is hard money loans a safe loan option?

A hard money loan is called the last resort for a reason. Your piece of property is bound by the loan contract which means loan lenders can take your property in case you failed to deposit repayments.

  1. Why is the interest rate high on hard money loans?

The interest rate on hard money loans is more due to the risks involved. The rate of interest can vary according to property type, your credit score and use of loan.

  1. How quick can you get a hard money loan?

Give and take it takes at least two weeks, to approve a hard money loan. Lenders will first verify the property Title Insurance Policy, to make sure that all liens are paid and accounted for to guarantee a clear title of the property. 

  1. What types of loans are included in hard money loans?

Hard money loans can be used for fix&flips, to finance multi-unit properties, as bridge loans, to purchase multi-unit properties, for new construction, etc.

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