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by John

We help you connect with your customers. Customers expect more from your digital program this year than they did last year. And they will want even more very soon. With so many options and alternatives, tweaks and algorithms, how can you keep up with customers’ ever-increasing desires for digital perfection?

We can help. We’ll work with you to determine what your customers really want, where you’re exceeding those expectations, and where you may be falling short. We’ll benchmark your digital marketing against your top competitors (if desired) and determine where you can use digital to inform and delight your customers and prospects. We will also work to ensure that you measure digital optimally, whether you do so from a B2C or B2B perspective.

We use our decades of experience, proprietary audience insights, competitive analysis, advanced metrics, and in-depth research to craft digital marketing programs that drive meaningful business results. Our customers and case studies speak for themselves.

How we work

Although we adapt to the circumstances of your organization, many of our missions look like this:

Thorough research. We review your business/organization, category, competitors, current digital programs, customer information, analytics, and more.

Qualitative analysis. One-on-one conversations with key stakeholders on your team, plus interviews with prototype customers and prospects

Quantitative analysis. Detailed surveys of current customers, prospects and former customers to study key perspectives, attitudes, content consumption patterns, digital usage patterns, etc.

Strategy summary. Assessment and overview of current and future digital marketing states, including themes, messaging, calls to action, audiences, channel “shows” and alignments, metrics and metrics, and amplification . This deliverable also includes an unveiling of key strategic transformations needed to achieve digital business goals. This is the “what” of our work.

Operations manuals. Very detailed documents (usually 3-5) that specifically specify what needs to be done to consistently and accurately implement the new/enhanced digital marketing program outlined in the strategy brief. This is the “how” of our work.

Council in progress. Light weekly support to answer questions, refine playbooks, connect the dots, and step in if needed. It’s like personal training for digital marketing optimization.

In addition to our digital marketing consulting programs, we also create content marketing for our clients.

The importance of service marketing

Services differ in functionality and quality at least as much as products. Marketers must differentiate themselves from the competition and attract customers in a highly competitive and saturated services market. The factors that set your service apart from a competitor can have a significant impact on a buyer’s decision, and these are the ones to keep in mind when planning your service marketing. Here are some examples of service marketing characteristics that influence purchase decisions:

  • Affordability – This involves determining the appropriate price range for your services that your customers will accept (and that you consider worthwhile for your efforts)
  • Functionality – Simply put, your service and value promise best meets the needs of your customers.
  • Credibility – As stated earlier, because service is intangible, a large part of the customer’s buying decision will be based on how much trust they place in you.
  • Experience – in the particular service you offer, no. years in the field.
  • Convenience – how easily and quickly your customers can use your service.
  • Variety – Customers appreciate the ability to choose, but keep in mind the right balance between too little and too much.
  • Self-service – the degree of control your customer has over their service experience, including what they can and cannot do for themselves.

Customer profiling can provide insight into the factors that influence purchasing decisions in your market for your type of service. This research uses questionnaires, surveys, designated tools or third party service providers.

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